Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic Tiles Wood and Beyond Blog

Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic Tiles Wood and Beyond Blog

Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic Tiles

If you’re looking at either a new build home or a renovation and you’ve got complete carte blanche on your flooring choices, two of the most common options are likely to be wood and tiles.  While both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, choosing between the two can be a tough call.  In putting this article together we’ve tried to give you an overview of both flooring options as well as ideas for different situations where one might work better than the other.

Wood flooring

If you’ve done any flooring research at this stage, you’ll be aware that there’s a real abundance of wood flooring options on the market these days.  Everything from budget solid wood to top of the range engineered wood flooring, there really is something for everyone, both on the High Street and online.  When it comes to choosing the wood flooring that might work best for your project, the key questions to ask are:

  1. Do temperatures, and or moisture levels in your room fluctuate considerably and regularly?
  2. Do you have under floor heating in your room?

If the answer to either, or both of these questions is “Yes”, then your best option is definitely engineered wood flooring.  If the answer is no, you’ll be able to choose from either solid or engineered wood flooring.

The main advantage of engineered wood flooring is that it’ll stand up to fairly significant temperature and moisture fluctuations without taking harm.  This is because of the clever way that engineered wood flooring is constructed.  What this means is that if you have either under floor heating, which, by implication, will cause temperature fluctuations, or dampness issues in part of your home, but not in others, you can choose engineered wood flooring for a nice consistent look throughout.  That said, solid wood flooring is a really hardwearing and attractive flooring option that truly has stood the test of time.

Here are the real advantages of wood flooring (engineered or solid ):

  1. It’s highly affordable.
  2. Wood Flooring Versus Ceramic Tiles Wood and Beyond Blog
  3. It’s available in a whole host of species, grades, colours and plank sizes to enable you to create virtually any sort of interior look you’re hoping for.
  4. It’s easy to maintain.
  5. It has stood the test of time, being the preferred option in many a French chateau as well as stately homes.
  6. Depending on the option you choose, you’ll be able to re-sand and re-finish your floor several times throughout its lifespan.
  7. By choosing an unfinished wood floor you can create any look you want and even change it in the future by sanding and re-finishing.
  8. There are some stunning ‘aged’ looking wood floors available now that’ll give you a real heritage look without having to wait for centuries!
  9. It’s warm under foot.
  10. It looks great.

Tile flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is highly popular in hot countries and certainly has gained a lot of interest in the UK in recent years.  With ceramic tiles being available in all shapes, sizes and colours, once again you can create pretty much any interior look you’re hoping for.

Here are some of the advantages of ceramic tile flooring:

  1. It’s available in a whole host of options, so you can really go wild with your ideas.
  2. It’s affordable.
  3. It’s easy to maintain.
  4. It’s waterproof.
  5. Suitable for DIY type installation.

And the disadvantages:

  1. It tends to be cold under foot.
  2. It can’t be altered one it’s laid, unlike wood, which can be re-sanded and re-finished.
  3. If you have children esp. babies, falling over on tile flooring is likely to hurt more.

So how do you decide?

In the UK, temperatures tend to be lower than those experienced by our European neighbours, who typically enjoy warmer summers and therefore opt for ceramic tiles to keep their home cool.  Granted, for certain rooms in the home, the practical side of ceramic tiling is perfect, but for rooms like bedrooms and lounges in the UK there’s no getting away from the warmth, style and practicality of wood.

How about a compromise?

If you’re struggling to choose between wood and tile in your home, why not opt for tile in the likes of kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms as well as perhaps even halls and then in the rooms where you want warmth under foot, plump for wood.  Working this way means that you really can have the best of both worlds.

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