Wood Floor Refinishing Atlanta — Restore Your Floors Without Sanding! — redo hardwood floors

Wood Floor Refinishing Atlanta - Restore Your Floors Without Sanding! - redo hardwood floors

Redo Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Yes it is possible to redo hardwood floors without sanding. and that’s what we at Worn Wood Magic specialize in doing. What we do when we redo wood floors is that we restore the wood floors to their beauty.

Some people when they say «redo» the floor what they’re talking about is sanding and refinishing a floor-that’s not what we do.

There are tons of sending companies that sand and refinish floors, but to correctly restore a wood floor takes specialized knowledge and dealing with a lot of factors that sanding and refinishing the floor does not have to take into account.

You see, when you send a wood floor you are taking off a layer of the wood, which is not a good idea in a lot of cases, but it any case what you’re ending up with is bare wood which you then can apply whatever you decide is your favorite stain and finish to the floor afterwards.

To restore a wood floor, though, is to work with the existing wood,

not to take a layer off of it

That means that you have to analyze what is already on the floor in the way of finish, what sorts of things might be on the floor and contaminating the finish, such as various waxes, and what sort of problems does the floor have from area to area, and room to room.

When you are sanding and refinishing the floor, you don’t worry about any of that, you just go and then nuke the floor, take off a layer of wood, bag up that dust, (as much as you can) and get it out the door, clean up the dust as well as you can, and then start the finishing process.

But with the Worn Wood Magic system there is absolutely no dust, and we leave all your wood still in your house instead of taking a layer of it away as part of the process.

You see, floors can only be sanded so many times, and after certain number of sanding you are getting down to the installation nails and to a degree of thinness that practically and logically can no longer be sanded.

Sending companies, though, will try to sell people on having their floors sanded because that’s all he know how to do, even if it is a possibility to restore the floor.

Wood floor restoration companies are extremely rare

and here is one of the major reasons:

In working with the existing wood, and analyzing in dealing with the situation with the wood flooring from room to room, there is a level of artistry and knowledge involved that sending companies don’t have to get into.

With the sanding company, you just pick your stain color and there you go. We at Worn Wood Magic quite often have to make custom stain colors to restore the floor because, no matter what stain color was originally put on the floor, that stain color changes over time due to aging and exposure to the sun etc. etc. and a new custom stain color has to be made to match the worn areas with the non-worn areas.

People who don’t do this on a regular basis and think that they are «good with color», still make major mistakes when they are mixing up their own wood floor stain colors, because a worn area of a wood floor takes the stain differently then a non-worn area of the floor, so people who try to re-stain worn areas and wood floors more often than not and up with a multicolored mess.

Another major factor involved with restoring a wood floor is that more often than not there are other finishes

(and I use the word «finishes» loosely here) that have been applied to the floor since the floor was installed. This could be paste wax, Murphy’s oil soap, polymer waxes, and various other contaminants.

Added to this, when the wood floor gets worn all away down to the bare wood, it becomes a sponge and anything that gets onto the floor soaks right in.

A place that showed major wear in this home was the first wooden step coming in from the front door — something unusual about it was that some workman’s boot imprint had become imbedded in the floor

- this can happen when wood floors are so worn that

the grain of the wood is open :

Here’s the same step after stripping:

You will see this quite often in kitchens especially around the kitchen sink, where the floor looks darker because it is worn down to bare wood and dirt grease grit milk oil, (you name it) has gotten down and of the wood.

As part of the Worn Wood Magic process, we strip all these various things out of the

worn areas of the wood,

so that the floor is now perfectly clean and ready to accept the custom stain colors that we apply to make the worn areas match the rest of the floor.

So as you can see, to redo hardwood floors without sanding takes a lot more doing than just buffing the floor and putting something shiny on it — in almost all cases, such a procedure will cause many more problems than they solve.

So to redo your hardwood floors without sanding what you really need to do is to restore your wood floors

a)you need to strip the floors correctly and safely so they are ready for stain,

b)you need to make a custom stain color so that the worn floor matches the non-worn floor, and then

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