What Are Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Solutions — Davids Flooring Tips

What Are Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Solutions - Davids Flooring Tips

What Are Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Solutions?

Homeowners are always looking for different flooring options. and the more environmentally-conscious among us are starting to discover green flooring options. From sustainable wood to carpet made from recycled fibers, green flooring is a good way for both builder and homeowner to show their commitment to a cleaner world. Before you buy flooring, here are some questions you should ask:

*Does it have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) level?

*Is it made from renewable or sustainable material?

*Where was it made, and did it take a large outlay of natural resources to get it to the store?

*Will it last at least as long as flooring made from non-green materials?

Even if the answers to all of those questions were «yes», you’ll still have to make sure that the flooring fits with the aesthetics of your home. Green flooring should come in a variety of styles and colors, so that you will be able to find the right one for your home. To find a floor that is a mix of durability, beauty and environmental savvy, you should first find out what’s available near you.


Today, there are more low-VOC carpets being sold. Numerous studies draw a connection between various health issues and poor-quality indoor air, and in response, the carpeting industry has formulated more eco-friendly backings and adhesives. The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green Label Program has set a standard for low VOC, and when buying carpet, look for their logo. Almost every piece of carpet made in the US is made from either polypropylene or nylon, so finding an alternative can be hard. Natural choices include wool or recycled carpet.

Wool carpets are very attractive in both aesthetics and health benefits, and when they are properly taken care of, they are just as durable as carpet made from synthetic material. However, wool carpet is typically more expensive. A more eco-friendly and economical choice is carpet made from recycled fiber. The market is still rather limited, but recycled carpet is coming more into favor every day. This carpet is made from soda bottles, used plastics, and used carpet, and manufacturers claim that it is more durable and holds its color better than that made from virgin fiber. Prices are comparable to unrecycled carpet, and choosing this option helps to keep over five billion pounds of old carpet out of landfills every year.

What Are Eco-Friendly Green Flooring Solutions - Davids Flooring Tips

Wood Flooring

Most homeowners love the look of hardwood flooring, and it’s easier than ever to find an environmentally-friendly option here. Even if you want to stick with tradition, it is possible to get wood flooring that’s made from sustainable materials- if you know where to start. The way the wood is harvested and processed is what makes it «sustainable»; this process often uses woods like eucalyptus and bamboo. The forests are managed so that the ecosystem is not damaged, and even woods with longer growth periods are marketed as sustainable. There are several organizations that are marking wood flooring as being sustainable, and homeowners can also reclaim wood from demolitions, forest fires and land clearing.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is often confused with flooring made of vinyl, but it is one of the most green flooring materials available. It is made from tree rosin (sap), wood flour from lumber mills, cork flour from sustainable cork trees, and linseed oil. Because all ingredients are organic, they will biodegrade without emitting VOCs, and it can also be incinerated.

Choosing green flooring options offers many benefits to both homeowners and builders. Offering green flooring options is a good way for a builder to set themselves apart from the competition, and with all the choices that are available, living green is easier than ever.

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