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Wellmade Bamboo Bamboo Flooring

Wellmade Bamboo

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Wellmade Bamboo. one of the top-tier bamboo flooring manufacturers in the world, offers several products to fit the specific needs of homeowners, designers, and builders alike.  With products that include vertical strand, horizontal strand, engineered, and strand woven bamboo floors, many combinations of aesthetics and utility can be achieved with Wellmade bamboo flooring.  Eco-friendly, durable, and sporting a high resistance to moisture, bamboo flooring is increasing in popularity, but it wasn’t always as popular as it is today.

Given that its introduction to the global market has been relatively new—occurring in the last 20 years or so—it was difficult in the beginning to convince buyers that this exotic material could be used for flooring and construction applications, even though it had been used for these purposes in East Asia for thousands of years.  Skepticism abounded whether or not bamboo flooring solutions could match or surpass the toughness and traditional aspects of authentic hardwood taken from timber.  Even typical flooring materials such as ceramic tile were a tough sell in many American markets, in spite of the fact that this material is not only cheaper but also more durable than hardwood; ceramic tile still only hovers around 10 percent of the entire U.S. flooring market.

In recent years, however, the demand for environmentally friendly products has increased drastically.  Bamboo has seen a surge in demand and subsequently sales and production increases.  This wonderful, renewable flooring source is now available in areas where it was previously not.  For example, thanks to a large oil industry boom centered in Williston, N.D. North Dakota Flooring Distributors will soon offer bamboo flooring products exclusively from Wellmade Bamboo .  Moso bamboo, the species from which most bamboo flooring products are made, scores higher on the Janka hardness scale than many conventional woods such as White oak, maple, and walnut.  Its inherent hardness, in addition to its moisture resistant properties, allows bamboo to be installed in areas of homes where hardwood typically fails, such as laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Wellmade’s Strand Woven line offers not only unique design patterns but also one of the most ecologically friendly bamboo floors on the market.  The way in which it is constructed uses very little adhesives, requiring no off-gassing once it is installed; Strand Woven is virtually void of volatile organic compounds that may be found in other types of bamboo floors.  The Engineered Strand collection is also another popular choice from Wellmade, as it can be installed below grade in basements and split-level floor plans without any moisture issues thanks to its increased resilience.

While bamboo flooring is almost automatically seen as an environmentally friendly product, it is important to be wary of these claims.  Although the bamboo itself and the way it is harvested certainly have a very low impact on eco systems, the processing and overseas shipping of the product can actually make certain bamboo products less environmentally sound than traditional domestic hardwoods.  Additionally, many manufacturers use high levels of formaldehyde to bind the bamboo strips together to form the flooring planks, which over time has the potential to cause health problems in hypersensitive individuals. Fortunately, Wellmade Bamboo uses only low VOC-emitting adhesives at high pressures in its Strand Woven collection, which drastically reduces health concerns.

For more information on Wellmade Bamboo products and their availability, don’t hesitate to contact us at (866) 705-1340.

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