Wall Registers, Floor Registers, and Antique Baseboard Heat Registers at Shop 4 Classics

Wall Registers, Floor Registers, and Antique Baseboard Heat Registers at Shop 4 Classics

Heat Registers

High-Velocity Outlet Covers

Choosing Heat Registers

A heat register is a vent cover that has a damper. The damper may be a set of louvers that operate as a system or a single large damper (such as with a vintage baseboard register). Heat registers are normally used on supply side vents as opposed to air returns. The damper allows the heat register to be adjusted to control air flow. The register can be closed to prevent heating and cooling rooms that aren’t in use or adjusted to balance temperature so rooms further from the thermostat maintain a temperature consistent with rooms that are near the thermostat.

The term «heat register» is a legacy from the days when homes had central heating but no air conditioning. Air conditioning didn’t arrive in residential construction until decades after central heating. Naturally registers were only associated with heating and, therefore, called «heat registers». Although both warm air (winter) and cold air (summer) pass through a register today, they are still called «heat registers» by many people.

Size is the most important criteria for selecting heat registers. It also tends to be the most overlooked. Although overall dimensions can be important if the register is flush mounted or near a corner or other obstruction, heat registers are generally sized by the opening that they fit, not their overall dimensions. The louver assembly on the back of heat registers must drop into the duct opening so it is necessary to check the size of the opening to be covered. Wall registers and ceiling registers have screws to secure them in place while floor registers often drop into place without screws. In addition to the common sizes, many of our heat registers are also offered in hard-to-find sizes to solve the difficult vent cover installation problems typical of old homes.

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Shop 4 Classics’ heat registers feature decorative grilles in a wide assortment of vintage patterns as well as a few modern designs. Many designs are versatile enough to fit in any style home. The architectural style of your home will provide a template for choosing heat register designs but selection of a pattern is largely a matter of personal preference. Depending on their construction, most patterns are available in a choice of finishes or colors. For the most part, we organize heat registers by the material from which the grille is constructed.

Cast Iron Heat Registers

Cast iron heat registers feature decorative solid cast iron grilles over cast iron or steel dampers that provide climate control of heating and cooling vents. Generally finished with a durable black powder coat, sturdy cast iron heat registers provide lifetime performance.

Bronze Heat Registers

Bronze heat registers integrate louvers with grilles cast in solid bronze. Quality crafted rugged bronze heat registers are offered in natural bronze patina colors ranging from hand rubbed light brown to black oxide. White bronze is available for a sophisticated satin finish.

Aluminum Heat Registers

Aluminum heat registers include steel louver assemblies to regulate airflow and thick cast aluminum grilles in architectural styles ranging from extravagant Victorians to modest bungalows to contemporary ranch homes. Lighter than bronze or cast iron, aluminum heat registers are a great solution for wall registers and ceiling registers but also sturdy enough for floor registers.

Brass Heat Registers

Brass heat registers have solid brass grilles with integrated steel louver assemblies. Beautiful brass heat registers are polished or plated to create finishes such as polished brass, antique brass, chrome, or brushed nickel. Brass registers’ lustrous finishes provide a bright contrast to earthy iron, bronze, and aluminum register options.

Wall Registers, Floor Registers, and Antique Baseboard Heat Registers at Shop 4 Classics

Baseboard Heat Registers

Baseboard heat registers rest on the floor, against the wall, and between floor baseboards. They include a single large damper. Sometimes called gravity baseboard registers or simply vintage baseboard registers, our handsome authentic reproduction baseboard heat registers maintain the charm of your original gravity baseboard registers.

Wood Heat Registers

Wood heat registers include dampers to provide air flow function while solid wood grilles add the warmth of natural wood to floors and walls. Wood floor registers, including flush wood registers, put a handsome finishing touch on hardwood floors.

Resin Heat Registers

Resin heat registers are constructed of modern thermal resins to withstand temperature variations typical of residential heating and cooling applications. The dampers provide air flow control while the polymer grille offers distinct three dimensional designs that are difficult to craft in other materials.

High-Velocity Outlet Covers

High-velocity outlet covers replace the mass-produced plastic high-velocity outlet covers included with mini-duct heating and cooling systems with distinctive, quality crafted outlet covers. The flexibility of mini-duct systems makes them ideal for retrofitting old homes, especially upper stories, and our solid oak, cast brass, or cast aluminum covers can be stained or painted to match your dйcor so they won’t detract from the charm of your vintage home.

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