The wood floor source How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors

the wood floor source  How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors


What cleans laminate hard wood floors good?

What cleans laminate hard wood floors good? I just moved into a condo and it has laminated hard wood floors I have tried the swifter just plain hot water still can see feet prints or it makes smuggest or you can see how you cleaned the floorand i cant use chemicals.

I also suggest a white vinegar and water solution but in a different way.

This must be lightly sprayed or just misted on and the use of a terri clothe type dust mop be used.

It sounds as if the former owners used something that leaves a residue so you see all these prints.

I d suggest a bit stronger mix than 9:1. I d do a 50/50 until its clean, never getting the floor wet with a lot of water. Just a light mist.

Never use a furniture polish. it will make the floor so slippery when walked on with wet shoe or just socks.

Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar, I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a couple 100,000 s/f. GL


Best way to clean laminate wood floors?

I would like to know the best way to clean a large area of laminate wood floors that will both clean and sanitize but NOT scratch or make the surface dull. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

What about using Antibacterial Windex All Purpose Cleaner and mix it with a little water?

What is best to clean laminate wood flooring?

I have a very large living area and long hallway that has light wood laminate flooring. Cleaning it is a real hassle. Ive tried vinegar and water initially made ky house smell, and left a dull finish. Then I tried laminate wood floor cleaner I think the name is Bona but I spray an area then use a micro fiber cloth to dry wet area it does okay hut still very streaky and dull. Im hoping someone can suggest something that will make the floor shine a bit and leave it streak free. My friend has dark wood laminate flooring and she told me she used the swifer wet jet I always thought too much water would make the floors warp. Serious replies will be apreciated.

those floors are just a problem to get them totally clean with no streaking

the swifter sweeper is costly and the worse thing you can use they ruin the flooring and push dirt around and are costly

too much water is a problem also

the bona is a good choice but pricey also

the vinegar is cheaper but very little is neededand it smells no matter what you do

the wood floor source  How To Clean Laminate Wood Floors

i have also found that using various productsjust makes it worse

i moved everything out of the room and used a slightly damp cloth and a dry cloth wiped with the wet and dried withh the dry clothesyoull be shocked at the film of dirt and cleaners you get off it

then i got a mr clean microfiber mop from target and i just damp wet it and wipe the floor clean

remind you this is not a soaking mopdampif you see streaksthe floor is not cleanuse the dry cloth and wipe..

i think the big thing is getting the film of cleaners off and starting freshand then water only

*(*overall and in the long run those floors are a painnever look clean and i have resolved to throw carpets in those flooring areas



What is the best way to clean laminate wood floors?

Im looking for the best way to clean/sanitize wood laminate floors. I have never had wood floors and have no idea as to how to go about cleaning them. Thanks ahead for any help.

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