Thanks for saving my sanity! Had a contractor put in a great kitchen. except he f-ed the floor. Massively loud squeaks. So I took out the ceiling in the room below. Used all of the brackets from my previous order. So I’m ordering more! (Also, I never ever want to be without extra brackets in case of future problems). Way okay to use my name for reference.

-Walt Socha,

Portland, WA

It’s such a great product (CounterSnap). It’s our second order and we are just anxious to get more squeaks out of the floor.

-Heather E.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Hi Jim,

Wow. No I did not look at or even look for your guarantee. You are Just Like US at Lee Valley Tools! So happy to purchase from a company who stands by their product like you do. I’ll be pleased to let everyone know how great you AND your company are. I was not going to bad-mouth you at all as I thought you didn’t know my hardwood was only 3/8″. Heck, I didn’t know either. LOL

I appreciate that you are sending back a refund. I may be buying MORE of the Joist Screws from you as not all of the squeaks are dealt with and my contractor was in a hurry and didn’t complete everything. I have about 10-15 joist screws left but would likely need another 50-100. then could do rest of living room and bedroom. I might do it myself if/and once I get a drill with enough speed and torque to do a thorough job. You’ve made this gal a VERY Happy Camper!


-Sue Gibb

Ottawa, Canada.

You market an amazing product (Squeak Relief). We have been able to eliminate just about all the wooden floor squeeks in our 60 year old home. We just ran out and need a few more! Thank you!

-Jane Carter

Rochester, NY

I love your Squeak-Relief product. I just needed more to stop all the SQUEAKS.

Thanks so much for the $50 gift card! What a great surprise. I LOVE your product. It absolutely does what you say it will.

-Jim Lippold

Creston, IA

I think this is a great product (Squeak Relief). I’m getting rid of my squeaky floors after l0 years. Yeah!

-Connie Smith

Georgetown, SC

I just wanted to send along a brief note to say how terrific Counter-Snap has been for me already. From the ease of online ordering, prompt shipping, and solid packaging through to the actual quality (and simplicity) of the product.

I received my order yesterday and not wanting to waste any time, I began working with it last night. Of course I was curious about the testimonials I had read previous to purchasing. Well, now I know first-hand. My girlfriend and I are both in awe at how well this product works for silencing our floors. This 50+ yr old house now has fewer creaks and squeaks in it then a new built home. Nothing but good things to say. Thank you.

-Andrew & Heidi

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Squeak Relief is the GREATEST invention yet! Our floors were squeaking so bad it was annoying. We couldn’t get up during the night without waking each other walking across the floor. After the installation of these brackets, we no longer have those awful squeaks. I am ordering more to put everywhere under the floor. Just a wonderful product.

-Glenda Becham

Knoxville, GA

I purchased about 6 of your Squeaky Floor product at least four years ago and had them sitting in my workshop all that time. Well this past week I had to remove part of the kitchen ceiling to install some lights. In doing so I exposed the underside of a tiled bathroom floor that has been driving me nuts with all the squeaks for over FIFTEEN YEARS. I installed cross bridging in about six locations and still had the DAMN squeaks. Then I remembered your product and while I had serious doubts about them being any more effective than the cross bracing I figured I had nothing to lose. WHAT A SURPRISE _ THEY WORKED AS ADVERTISED. I’m ecstatic. I can hardly contain myself. Just writing to say THANKS for a great product.

-Bill Spitzer

Marlboro Construction

Marlboro, MA

Note, After asking Bill’s permission to add his comments to our feedback section, Bill added the following.

Please be my guest! BTW I got so carried away with the success I wound up installing the other three pair I still had in my ‘new hardware drawer’. Would you let me know how to access the feedback page. That way I can add an addendum, commenting about the added bonus of finding a quality product Made in America.

Regards, -Bill Spitzer

Wow! When we built our house, I personally put 7500 deck screws into the sub-flooring — but guess what? We still ended up with a bad squeak in the hardwood — entering the Master Bedroom of all places! I lived with this squeak for 13 years until I discovered your product. It’s finally gone. Simple, easy product that works great!

Thank you,

-Mitch Williams

Atlanta, GA

Two things: 1) Thank you for the quick response to my question. Customer Service is alive and doing well. 2) Just finished taking care of the squeaks in my floor with your Squeak-Relief Floor Repair kit. By the way. I am worse than the guy that does the video and it worked for me. Thanks.

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