Staining Hardwood Floors Without Sanding How To Sand A Floor

Staining Hardwood Floors Without Sanding How To Sand A Floor

Staining Hardwood Floors Without Resanding


It is not possible to stain wooden floors without sanding. However,it is possible to use floor paint which can give you a darker color or lighter color as desired, but it doesnt color or enhance the grain of the wood. Floor paint just block colors over the surface. Actually staining the wood requires full sanding which you can learn aboutHERE and the staining process can be learnt about HERE .If you do decide to use a floor paint you can use THIS METHOD to apply it. (Floor paint is an actual thing, its not just paint. Floor paint is made to be more resilient like a lacquer, do some research before buying ).

Is staining hardwood floors without resanding possible? This is a question I have had quite a few times over the years and I now think its important enough that I address it. I recently recieved a call from a Boutique shop owner that was having problems with her floor. When I walked in the door, my feet were sticking to the floor, you could hear as I peeled each one of my feet off the floor.

To save money they wanted to refinish their floors themselves and without sanding. Whats more is they wanted to refresh the color of their stained floors. The problem with refinishing wood floors without sanding is you never know what the floor was finished with before. Buying a product and applying it over an existing finish is a risky business, you never know if the products are completely compatable. Actually lets back up for a second

I first want to get some definitions straight. What is a stain? A stain or dye, is made to color something. It is made to soak into whatever its being applied to change the color. In the case of stains for wood or wood floors. These are liquids with a very fine dusty pigment in it. If you apply these stains to a waterproof sealed wood floor, its not going to soak in properly and its going to be messy. Whats more is that if the previous finish is worn off in areas, the stain WILL soak in and those areas will stand out like a sore thumb.

So when a floor is being stained, it is usually sanded back to bare wood and the stain is then applied. Typically the floor will then be sealed with some sort of lacquer or varnish to lock in the color and protect the floor.

Staining Hardwood Floors Without Sanding How To Sand A Floor

This doesnt mean there is nothing you can do to get a bit of color back into your floor. The goal here is staining hardwood floors without resanding right? So heres my solution; instead of staining the floor, use a coloured lacquer. That is, a lacquer that will actually protect your floor once applied, that has a color within it. That way you dont have to worry about the stain soaking in to get the desired colour. These lacquers should be applied in the same way described in the How to lacquer a floor. You may want to put the coats down a little thicker than usual. This will give it time to level out before it dries, any lumps and bumps will be darker than the rest of the floor so this is important.

Other things to consider, is the previous finish an Oil? If so there are a litany of different colored oils you can use. Be sure to contact the manufacturer to find out of the product is generally cross compatible.

And finally of course, you should check the how to refinish a wood floor without sanding guide.

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