Special Flooring Tampa Installation by Through the Woods Fine Wood Floors, Inc.

Special Flooring Tampa Installation by Through the Woods Fine Wood Floors, Inc.


They were always willing to work with our new ideas and help make us decisions when it came to the ideas of borders and designs.

— Jamie K. Lutz

The variety of architectural styles in Tampa Bay invites the use of the full array of style choices. We can create a one-of-a-kind look with borders, medallions, hand-distressing, painted floors, mixed media and exotic wood species. We are happy to assist you in designing a floor to complement your architecture, suit your lifestyle and increase the value of your home.


Borders create a frame in a particular room or area, contrasting to the main area of the room. Borders can dress up a room, define spaces and add an elegant touch. They can be a narrow, subtle accent, or wide, multi-species and bold.

A floor of maple could be banded with Wenge or other dark woods, giving the area definition. The possibilities are endless, and are not limited to wood only. Borders can incorporate multiple wood species, stone, marble, and even metals. Read More.


Medallions are available either pre-manufactured or custom-made at the job site, and add a unique look to any room. Usually are installed in the main field of the floor, often in areas such as foyers, they can incorporate multiple wood species, and other mixed media, such as stone and metal. Read More.


Hand-distressing wood floors offers an antiqued appearance that appeals to many homeowners. Hand-scraping, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming, is the most-common distressing technique. Using tools such as chisels, planes, wire brushes, awls, ice picks and grinders, the installer will work with the wood to achieve a worn and distressed look. The end result will be a new floor that looks beautifully antiqued. Read More.

Mixed Media

We can create a stunning floor for you by mixing wood with other materials such as stone, tile, slate, marble, metal, and even leather. For example, highlighting a marble foyer with wood makes a dramatic entryway, while incorporating brushed nickel accents into your kitchen wood floor would accent your professional series appliances.

Wood combines well with other natural materials to create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Combined with metal, it is an exciting 21st Century design element.

Exotic Woods

We have sources for beautiful and amazing woods from around world. These woods are varying in color from yellow to pink to almost black with graining that resembles tiger stripes, lace or watered silk. Many of these woods are very strong and hard, much more durable than our home-grown domestics.


We can completely change the look of your existing wood floor by sanding it and applying a stain of a different color or by removing the existing stain and leaving the wood unstained.

A natural or light floor complements a contemporary theme, or a style such as Mid-Century Modern with its clean, open lines. A lighter floor will brighten a dark room and also increase its visual size. Traditionally, warm, medium tone floors were common, and blend well with antiques. Dark floors impart a formal, elegant look and look great with many architectural styles such as Mediterranean Revival.

Dennis is a master of custom stains, including dyes which are applied in several steps and allow him to create a floor of nearly any color desired. For interior designer Eric Krause, he mixed a dark walnut dye which turned Erics Seminole Heights bungalows oak floor an exotic deep brown. Dennis perfected this technique when he created an ebony floor for Sharon Stones screening room.

Let us help you choose a unique floor for your home!

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