Soundproofing in Glasgow

soundproofing in Glasgow

Soundproofing in Glasgow

Reduce noise levels from your neighbors with our complete solutions for soundproofing in Glasgow. We can solve sound transmission through floors, walls and ceilings using tried and tested techniques . If you are having problems with noise pollution contact us and we will offer the best solution, finishes can include floor coverings and plastering leaving you with nothing other to do than decorate and enjoy a quieter room.

Noise pollution – The main causes for noise pollution in attached residential dwellings is the growing incompatibility of neighbors & modern changing lifestyles.  There is evidence that noise can contribute to health issues such as stress & anxiety.

There several reasons that can contribute to noise pollution being increased

- Separate floor design does not meet the demands of modern living

- Incompatible lifestyles of neighbours

- Unstable original construction design & materials, the properties of any floor will have one of five key characteristics – isolation, mass, absorption, resilience & stiffness

- Alterations over the years that have displaced or damaged the structure & performance of the components

- Increase in the use of electrical goods, such as – modern sound systems, wall mounted televisions, vacuum cleaners,  washing machines/tumble dryers & the like.

- The change of floor coverings & use of hard wood floors, laminate floors & sanded floor boards, although they enhance the aesthetics of the flats in most cases insufficient sound proofing is used

- Noise from services pipes etc.

The two main types of sound transmission are –

Airborne sound – which is a noise source through the medium of air and is measured for separating walls & floors between adjacent dwellings and is expressed as the reduction in the level of sound is transmitted so that the higher the value the better the sound insulation, Examples of these are speech and sound from a television & also direct transmission of airborne sound through walls or floors.  Energy is reflected or absorbed by room surfaces depending on the amount of energy and the type of building.  The upgrade of the sound insulation between the two dwellings should be in accordance with the latest British standard codes of practice.

soundproofing in Glasgow

Impact sound – Is the amount of noise that reaches the dwelling bellow from an impact on the floor surface above, for example – footfall noise & slamming doors etc… The level of sound measured is only related to the noise arriving in the room below. The lower the measured value the better the sound insulation.

Flanking transmission is another route and is a sound or vibration which travels along a pathway that includes structures or voids that are not part of the separating wall or floor. The pathway may include separating wall or floor elements.

soundproofing in Glasgow 2 layers of soundblock plastering in glasgow

soundproofing tenement ceiling in Glasgow soundproofing of a ceiling in a tenement block in glasgow finished plastering on ceiling in glasgow tenement

Example of inadequate soundproofing in attached dwellings Fixing of 13mm resilient bar at 600mm centres to create a barrier between existing joist and plasterboard installation of 15mm soundbloc plasterboard with gaps filled with acoustic sealant.

A Clark Building Services for soundproofing in Glasgow door area before door area finish 2

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