Rubber Horse Stall Mats

Rubber Horse Stall Mats

Horse Stall Rubber Mats and Flooring

Our Surefoot stall mats are more «pliable» than most. We have found that a softer mat provides better traction, giving long wear and ease in installation. To provide maximum flexibility in your application. Rubber matting has a textured and smooth side

Our 3/4″ Surefoot stall mats are in use at horse facilities large and small from major racetracks to small barns.

Our stall mars are used by our network of dealers. Must dealers stock the 3/4″ — 4′ x 6′ dimension

We cover our rubber mats for Equine use with a 15 Year Limited Warranty.

How do I prepare for and install my mats?

Easy Installation Instructions:

Surefoot mats are quick and easy to install. All you need is a non- retractable utility knife, chalk, a tape measure, and a straight- edge. A jigsaw can be used if you wish, but follow the manufacturer’s recommended blade and safety instructions. Take care whenever you use a sharp object (they tend to be unforgiving’). Clean and level the stall. We recommend at least 3″ of 3/4 minus crushed gravel, decomposed granite or limestone, as fillers, for a solid foundation.

If the installation has poor drainage, is frequently wet, or muddy, be sure to install a geotextile layer. This will stabilize the surface and prevent the gravel layer from disappearing into the mud: See your dealer for Surefoot brand geotextile materials. Simply cut the material to fit and lay it in place.

Measure the area to be covered, then draw a pattern with the least amount of cutting for your stall. Following are two common patterns, using Surefoot'» 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″ matting:

Q: Where does the urine go?

A: Stall matting should be a non-porous non-absorbent surface! Surefoot stall mats properly installed, are tight fitting, with no large gaps along the walls or seams. Bedding chaff packs into seams and creates «caulking,» providing a surface which allows urine to stay on the mat long enough to be absorbed by the bedding. When you have a Surefoot floor you will remove nearly 100% of the urine every time you clean your stall, eliminating ammonia odor.

Q: Wouldn’t one or two large mats be better than several small ones?

A: Large mats have draw backs! Large mats such as 6′ x 12′ are poorly designed for livestock use. Many of those mats may contain fillers such as nylon; rayon or other substances, that tend to shrink and curl as it ages. A mat this size weighs approximately 250 Ibs. making it almost impossible to handle and properly install. Large mats eliminate your ability to rotate high traffic areas.

Thanks for your interest in Surefoot Stall Mats.

We represent the largest producer of rubber mats for the equine market in North America. Through our dealer network, we equip in excess of 25,000 stalls each year You will also see our mats in many of the most popular horse and livestock trailers.

Surefoot Stall Mats are the best mats money can buy. We are so confident of our quality and performance that we warranty our mats for 15 years, the longest warranty in the business.

Surefoot Stall Mats are undeniably the finest recycled rubber mats available today and, they are manufactured in the good ol’ U.S.A.

When you buy Surefoot Stall Mats, you know you have made the best choice.

Reduce the cost of keeping’ stalls clean!

  • Cut your bedding costs in half.
  • Reduce disposal costs and problems.
  • Rubber Horse Stall Mats
  • Over the lifetime of your mats, your savings in bedding’ and floor repair will pay for the mats many times over.

Reduce stall cleaning’ time!

  • No need for deep bedding.
  • Cleaning takes half the amount of time.
  • Level floors and no urine pits make cleaning easier.

Prevent damage to floors from horses pawing’ and digging’!

  • No more «filling holes» every time you clean your stall.
  • Wood floors are protected by rubber matting, reducing the need to repair or replace wood planks.

Increased comfort ‘n’ safety!

  • Relieves stress and can eliminate injuries.
  • Reduces fatigue on legs, hips and stifles.
  • Mats control dust and ammonia odor.
  • Gives a good «hoof hold» when attempting to stand.
  • Hock scuffing and hoof abrading are virtually eliminated.
  • Provides a secure footing’!

A letter from a Customer:

«Dear Mr. Pynes,

I wanted to let you know how much I like the new trailer mat that I purchased from you. We were simply amazed with the weight & thickness of the product. It appears extremely durable. It was surprisingly easy to trim and install & fits so well that I am sure it will add years to the life of my floor boards. My husband also put a spray undercoating sealer where the mat & trailer walls meet to increase the likely hood that no manure or urine will get to the floorboards.

My yearling quarter horse colt suffered a misfortune & is requiring a weekly acupuncture treatment at the state university veterinary college. This is a 505 mile round trip that he will be making each Wednesday for the next six weeks. I am soooo glad that he will be traveling on that soft slip-resistant cushion for these long hauls. Last week was his first trip and after the first 30 minutes he began traveling like a seasoned trouper. I doubt it would have been nearly this easy for him had the trailer not yet been equipped with mats.

(Thank goodness your mats arrived nearly a month ahead of their allowed shipping/manufacturing schedule, or he would have been riding only on boards & bedding.) Again, thank you so much for your fine product & service.

Sincerely, Pat Lysinger «

Rubber Mat Standard Sizes and Pricing

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