Repairing worn spots in my wood floor

Repairing worn spots in my wood floor

On Thu, 03 Jul 2003 13:37:26 +0800, «Brian» wrote:

Hi Frank,

I love your website and the story how you started your wood floor business, it’s so candid and useful. Thanks. I’ve been attempting to fix the wooden floors at my house. Our house is about 8 or 9 years old. I believe our wooden floors are not waxed. I let a few drops of water sit on the floor and it does not turn white. is that a good test? I use paint thinner (mineral spirits)to test floors. Paint thinner will turn wax white. If your floors are 8 or 9 years old it’s highly unlikely they are waxed anyway unless a homeowner waxed them. Anyways. I have different varying problems and so far Actually you have the same problem in all the spots you indicated below. You have worn thru the finish and water is starting to discolor the wood. I have bought a lot of stuff but have not had the guts to use them yet. I get the impression that you are looking for a shortcut to sanding and refinishing your floors. All the «stuff» is not the answer. You need to rent a drumsander and edger and just start over and stop tormenting yourself. Or hire a professional to work with you or hire a professional to do the whole job. If you have a Home Depot near you I would recommend the equipment they rent in their stores that have a complete rental store right in the store. The EZ 8 is an excellent tool for beginners. So if you could give me direction and advice, I think that would give me the confidence to finally try. I live in Connecticut, just to give you an idea of the weather and stuff that can get onto our wooden floors (salt from the winter, etc). Our floors have never been refinished or resurfaced. I learned the trade in Upstate New York. I worked on a lot of gym floors in the Hartford school system. I am very familiar with the Connecticut climate. Problem Area #1: Front Door There’s a lot of traffic and the top layer of finish is gone in some spots. And the color of the wood is turning from a warm brown to a light pale brown color. Solution to Problem area #1 sand and refinish entire floor. Problem Area #2: Desk Area I have a chair there and there’s a lot of scratches and it’s wearing down the floor. Almost looks like a pattern of flaking off from where the chair has been. And the color is changing also as it flakes off. I also see this type of wearing down at the top of the stair case. Looks very similar. Solution to Problem area #2 sand and refinish entire floor. Problem Area #3: Sliding Door next to Pool This area is worn out like the Front Door area. Probably from the water which sits there from people walking through Solution to Problem area #3 sand and refinish entire floor. If you could give me or lead me to specific advice for each problem. And when I would need to use the small hand held sander I bought or if there can be an easier way? A hand sander will not be aggressive enough to fix the problems you have and even if it could you will see a difference where you sand and where you don’t sand. Finish will discolor over a period of 8 or 9 years. Any place you «patch fix» will look new and will contrast to where you don’t fix. I’m sure you’re an extremely busy man, so I apprecaite any help you can give me. But I’m truly a beginner so I would need specific instructions.

Thanks The link on «How to sand a wood floor» on my website has a lot of good information. If you need some guidance on tricks of using a drum sander and edger send me an email. so much for whatever help you can give me.



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