Reclaimed Oak Laminate Flooring

Reclaimed Oak Laminate Flooring

Reclaimed Oak

The Arboreal Collection on the Eurafloor label helps you to reference the classic beauty of European wood grain patterns and colors in a variety of spaces.

Offered in a selection of striking options to enliven a space, each selection of this premium quality European-made laminate flooring is also designed to resist every day wear over the long-term, as well as to help promote healthier spaces in residential and light commercial settings.

The Arboreal Collection represents:

  • Stylish, highly-detailed wood grain surfaces; a range of colors and grain patterns for subtle, tasteful additions to all kinds of interior designs
  • Refined surfaces and visual lines; smooth surfaces, and square four-sided ‘v’ groove edges for simple, understated design elements enhancing surrounding décor
  • Remarkably designed for long-term wear; 8mm thick boards, AC3 melamine wear layer impregnated with aluminum oxide for added resistance to wear
  • Easy to install; each board features a DIY-friendly, and Angle/Angle glueless locking system
  • Environmentally sensitive for better air quality; Offers an E1 high-density fiberboard (HDF) core for healthier homes (Greenguard Air Quality Certified)
  • Triple-warrantied; designed to resist fading, staining, and wear for 20 years
  • Reclaimed Oak Laminate Flooring
  • Plank Dimensions: 54 1/2″ (1380mm) x 7 19/32″ (193mm) x 5/16″ (8mm)


The luster and old-world beauty of European wood is yours, replicated here in the Arboreal Collection of laminate flooring on the Eurafloor label. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technology, the sumptuous effects of real wood are easy to achieve, with laminate floors designed to transform spaces in residences and light commercial spaces.

Smooth, refined, transformative laminate floors

Each selection in the Arboreal Collection features simple lines, and smooth surfaces, to play an important part in enhancing surrounding décor. With a range of colors and patterning found in this collection, there is stylish potential to transform a wide variety of spaces.

And with this selection of laminate floors, you’re also adding supporting technology to improve the air quality of your space as well. Each selection has been Greenguard air quality certified to promote a healthier interior environment. That’s a transformation on another level beyond the stylish visual effects you’ll see.

Friendly to DIY installations

The subtle and universal appeal of wood flooring has the potential to make an average space into a great one. And with the colors and patterns you’ll find in Eurafloor’s Arboreal Collection, this is a DIY-friendly way to help you bring about a renewal of your space in a supremely stylish and subtle way.

With the help of the Angle/Angle glueless locking system, each board is designed to snap into place, with no fuss. And when you’re done, you can count on these floors to perform. Each selection is triple-warrantied to resist fading, wear, and staining for 20 years. That’s product confidence you can count on.

The best laminate floors, the most efficient way to buy them

We take laminate flooring quality seriously, which is why we partner with the best in the industry. Our manufacturing partners use the latest technology and processes to create the best products in their class. This is what you’re looking for too, after all. But, you’re also looking for the best price.

We concentrate on our own advanced level of expertise, which is in supplying the best products to you by the most efficient way there is. We know the ins-and-outs of international logistics and communication. So, we’re able to deliver laminate flooring from the factory, and get it to your project site while skipping the unnecessary steps and costs to do so.

This means a lower price than you’ll ever see at your local retailer, and with all of the premium quality you’re expecting.

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