Random Orbital Floor Sander Rental Seattle Tool Rental

Random Orbital Floor Sander Rental Seattle Tool Rental

An explanation of how and why Random Orbital Sanders are nice technology:

A nice summary of what grit to use:

Hands down the best 110 volt DIY random orbital floor sander on the market.   How can we say that?

  • Welcome to the 21-century!  We rent Random Orbital Floor sanders because they are awesome.  Cherry Hill Manufacturing put4 — 6” random Orbital pads on an 85-pound machine powered by a 110 volt 1.5 horsepower electric engine.   Practically, this meansthe machine’s weight does the work for you while the random orbital pads leave no track s and help make the machine “float” on the floor as you use it.  They are also easy to control and use.  You do not have to go with the grain of the wood, you don’t need to worry about the tracks left by a traditional belt sander.  Random Orbital does not “cut” or “gouge” the floor the way a traditional belt sander does.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED AN EDGER!   Seriously.  The machine’s random orbital sanding disks swirl in a random pattern that comes to within ¼ inch of the edge of the machine.  That means as you run the tool along a wall or in a closet, the machine sands to within ¼ inch of what it is up against (the machine has a rubber bumper around the edge so it does not mark the wall).  By-by edging!  What a time, money and back saver!
  • IT IS ALMOST DUSTLESS!    Seriously.   The electric engine also vacuums simultaneously so your dust ends up in the bag, not your lungs or all over the house.   That being said, it’s ALMOST dustless: don’t blame us if you get yelled at for not taping off the room.  WARNING: empty the bag after use: dust and chemicals can = fire.   This will not happen every time, but it has happened (so says the manufacturer).   Don’t leave vacuum/bag unattended without emptying it first.
  • Pull off a sanding disk and stick on another one.   They are Velcro pads!  It takes seconds.
  • The machine also works as a buffer if you need it.
  • Change your sanding pads every 20-25 minutes. turn on some music and sand that floor baby!  This new technology makes it fun creating a finished product you will love for a decade!

*Sanding disks (the machine uses 4 at a time) are sold separately because we don’t know how many you will need.  Regular 6” sanding disks are $2.00 each; if you are taking polyurethane off, let us know.  We have high-end diamond dust impregnated coarse disks (36 grit) for $2.50 each specifically to take that material off, then finish the job with our regular $2.00 ones.   This will save you a lot of time and likely a little money as polyurethane eats up the regular sanding pads.  We buy in bulk so our prices are fair.  If you are taking down high points in the sub-floor, use 24/36 grit.   For sanding finished floors, start at a higher grit work your way up to 120.   The machine comes with as many as you need, just let us know.

** Solid Hepa Filter Shop Vac and Extension Cords available for rent if needed: rates reasonable.

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