Painted Concrete Floors

Painted Concrete Floors

Painted Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can be made very attractive with just a few coats of color or paints. Painted Concrete Floors can add a unique look to your apartment. They are a very versatile medium and thus, one can experiment with paints, colors and patterns on concrete floors. Painting your concrete floors can give an extra edge to your house. It improves the look and style of your floors as well as your house. You can paint any pattern on your concrete floors. You can also stamp them to give them a wood like look. Many things can be done with concrete floorings the options and choices are infinite. You can opt for creative ideas and designs for your concrete floors. Everything is possible to do on them.

Why is concrete a good idea for floorings?

•    It enhances the beauty of your floors. The natural, plain and drab looking gray can be transformed into anything. You just have to use creative ideas to color and paint it. Cement paints are widely available in various shades and hues today. You can choose the colors you like and paint it according.

•    Concrete floorings can act as a great stain protector. You do not have to worry about staining from grease, oil and any other chemicals anymore. Your floors will also be protected from heat, rust and water damage.

•    Painting concrete floors is also affordable. To protect and to make your floors beautiful, painting concrete floors is a very good idea. However, if you get cracks in your floorings after a few years use you do not need to change the entire thing, you can very easily repaint it.

The advantages and positive features of concrete flooring -

•    Durability

•    Easy to maintain

•    Environmental friendly

•    Versatile

•    Several designs options to choose from

•    Long lasting

Painted Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are extremely resilient and tough and thus, they can withstand the pressures from heavy equipments such as forklifts, crates, trucks and cars. It does not damage easily also. Pet claws, legs of furniture, high heels, etc would not affect the floors. You need to seal and wax them every three to nine months. Other than that you do not need to worry about its maintenance. You can mop the concrete floors easily without damaging its look and texture. They last a long period of time, thus you do not need to spend money on your floorings regularly. You do not have to install new flooring or tiles when you can easily have Painted Concrete Floors trouble free.

Guidelines and tips for painting a concrete floor -

For best results, you should consider about hiring professional help. It may seem an easy job at first but it is not so. Painting your own floors by yourself can create an utter mess which you can do without. This is not a one man job. Thus, always seek professional help when you have unique and creative ideas regarding remodeling and redecorating your space.

For painting your concrete floors, first you need to thoroughly clean the space. Remove dirt, debris and old flakes from paint. Sweep away all the dirt from the floor. Once you have cleaned the space, use a special scrub brush and cleanser (made for concrete floorings specifically), to wash the floor thoroughly.

After the cleaning process, apply two to three coats of sealer to the concrete floor. Now one should leave the floor for few days to allow the sealer to work and cure the floorings. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for curing and for mixing of the sealer. After this step, one can use the primer for the floors. Roll the primer evenly on the floors. Once you have completed all these steps, your floor is ready for a paint job.

You can paint your floors in any color or pattern you want. For unique and creative designs, consult professional individuals to help you out. Remember that it takes a few days for a concrete floor to dry, thus do not step on it by mistake. Between each step, give your floors a few days to rest and absorb the material. You can use the internet services to get ideas and advice on painted concrete floors.

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