Outdoor Basketball Court Ideas eHow

Outdoor Basketball Court Ideas eHow


Choose between a full court and a half court depending on the size of outdoor space and the age of the players. Full length courts are 50 feet (15.3m) wide and 94 feet (28.7m) long for a professional size and 84 feet (25.6m) long for college and high school sizes. Create an outdoor half court by keeping the width 50 feet wide and cutting the professional or college court length in half.


You have two options for basketball hoops: fixed or movable. A fixed hoop is placed and cemented into the ground. A movable hoop is set on a wheeled base so it can be used like a regular hoop during warm months and store it away during the cold season. Some rims and backboards are adjustable so younger players can shoot at an 8 feet (2.5m) high rim instead of a regulation 10 feet.

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Outdoor basketball courts will also require special paint that can stand up to direct sunlight and heavy duty backboards. is an.

Outdoor Basketball Court Ideas eHow

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