NALFA News & Trends The Voice of Laminate Flooring in North America™

NALFA News & Trends The Voice of Laminate Flooring in North America™

NALFA News & Trends

Laminate Specific Cleaning Products: Choosing a Safe Product

With the current popularity of laminate flooring it is no wonder that so many cleaning products are being introduced specifically to clean them. Not all of these products are actually what they claim. Be very careful when choosing a cleanser for your laminate flooring. To choose a safe laminate floor cleaner there are some things you must know. First and foremost never use any type of cleaner that works by excessive amounts of liquid or uses steam.

Liquids and steam will damage your flooring beyond repair. At first your floors will look beautiful. The shine created by these products will amaze you, but what is underneath is terrifying. When you use these kinds of cleaners they soak through your flooring. Because laminate flooring does not breathe like real wood the liquid stays inside the floor. This eats your flooring from the inside out, slowly rotting the inside of the floor. Eventually the flooring will not only become weak and damaged but it will also be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. For this reason never apply cleaner directly to your floor, always use a mop that is barely damp, and avoid close or prolonged contact with liquid and steam.

Another type of cleaners to avoid is any that claim to leave a protective coating on your floor. This includes, but is not limited to, wax. Laminate flooring is not wood. You do not need to polish a laminate floor because it has its own shine. These cleaners and waxes will look nice for few uses but after 2 or 3 months they begin to change to a gray or yellow color. This forms a film that makes your floors look dirty and dull. The film caused by these cleansers can be difficult to remove and ruin your investment. If this type of build p occurs on your laminate flooring find a cleanser that will strip the layer off. Do not try to refinish your laminate floor. You will not be pleased with the results that sanding will bring.

The best way to choose a laminate floor cleaner is to look for a product that when applied by a damp, but not wet, mop will lift dirt with out actually polishing the floor. By following these simple rules you will preserve your flooring for years to come. Protecting your investment will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your floors more freely. They really are the easiest type of flooring to care for know that you know the proper treatment they require.

Clarion Laminates joins NALFA as Regular Member

Welcome Clarion Laminates! Clarion is a made in the USA laminate manufacturer, and our newest Regular Member of the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA)!

“Clarion Laminates is a great addition to our regular membership,” says Bill Dearing, president of NALFA. “The company is committed to advancing the laminate industry, streamlining and perfecting processes every step of the way.”

Including a board and laminate plant on one site, Clarion Laminates demonstrates the efficiency of vertical integration and progression of laminate manufacturing. Their dedication to quality exemplifies NALFA’s mission to represent and promote the very best in the industry, making the recent partnership with NALFA invaluable.

“Clarion Industries has significant interest in the advancement of laminate flooring as a category and in the promotion of North American manufacturing when possible,” said Michael Babula, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Clarion Industries. “We look forward to working with the NALFA organization and its member companies to achieve these goals.”

Based in Shippenville, Penn. Clarion Laminates operates under parent company Clarion Industries. This privately owned company manufactures high quality MDF (multi density fiberboard), HDF (high density fiberboard) and laminate flooring. Clarion Industries is the only fully integrated laminate flooring operation in North America, with a panel facility and laminate flooring plant on the same site. To learn more about Clarion Laminates, visit

NALFA Regular Members are manufacturers, importers or marketers that offer laminate flooring for sale within North America. Other NALFA Regular Members include Columbia Flooring, Mannington Mills, Mohawk, Pergo, LLC, Quick-Step®, Shaw Industries, Inc. and TORLYS, Inc. to download the membership packet.


The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) was formed in 1997 by U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and importers of laminate flooring. Since its inception, NALFA has been dedicated to creating voluntary product performance standards for laminate flooring in North America. For more information, visit

Flakeboard joins NALFA as Associate Member

Welcome Flakeboard! Were pleased to announce that Flakeboard, the North America’s largest manufacturer of composite panel materials, is the newest Associate Member NALFA.

NALFA News & Trends The Voice of Laminate Flooring in North America™

With eight manufacturing sites across North America, Flakeboard has a strong presence in the laminate flooring industry. And its partnership with NALFA is indicative of the mutual support that continues to move the laminate industry forward.

“As a major HDF supplier to the laminate flooring market, we feel that membership in the industry’s key industry association will support our sales activities,” said Tom Reudy, Flakeboard Business Development Manager. “We expect our experience to be benefited through participation in the association’s activities, information exchange and improvements to our customer network.”

Flakeboard produces a multi-faceted range of particleboard, medium and high-density fiberboard (HDF) products, serving numerous customers in the laminate manufacturing industry.

Many of the company’s high quality products are available in a variety of specialized grades, including as fire-rated, moisture resistant (MR), countertop and door core. Flakeboard also produces raw particleboard panels, which are generally used in manufacturing cabinets, furniture, and retail store fixtures and components for millwork industries.

Additionally, Flakeboard manufactures FIBREX®, a thin HDF, in a flexible range of lengths and widths. The company offers a variety of finishing and specialty options from suppliers, such as Arclin/Coveright, Formica and Wilsonart. Flakeboard’s finished panels are available in a variety of textures, giving a unique enhancement to each design.

Flakeboard’s manufacturing footprint and distribution network stretches throughout North America. All of the produced panels are California Air Resources Board (CARB) Compliant and are marked as Eco-Certified Composite™.

Flakeboard products can help homes and businesses earn LEED certification for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. They are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Flakeboard is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arauco, Inc. Based in Santiago Chile, Arauco manufactures a wide range of products, including composite panels, plywood, millwork, lumber and pulp. Arauco materials are procured from company-owned and managed forests throughout South America. to download the membership packet.

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