Massachusetts Carpet Cleaning- All Natural, Chemical Free Floor Care, Quick Drying Green Carpet

Massachusetts Carpet Cleaning- All Natural, Chemical Free Floor Care, Quick Drying Green Carpet

AT LAST Great Carpet Cleaning Without All The Chemicals and Water

Drysdale’s is decidedly not your run of the mill splash and dash carpet clean up company. We have been a Boston Magazine Best of Boston selection. We maintain a straight A rating on We have twice been featured in Boston Sunday Globe Magazine. For several years we have been included in Coop America’s National Green Pages. The NGP is considered the foremost and most trustworthy directory of all things considered ‘green’ — environmentally friendly .

Concern ed about chemical overload all around you?

So are we. So Drysdale’s has totally ELIMINATED ALL OF THE NOXIOUS CHEMICALS, which are so prevalent in the cleaning industry, for our own benefit and yours as well. The chemicals to which you are likely exposed by conventional carpet cleaning companies will include a combination of the following:

Percholoroethylene; 2 propanol; potassium bisulphate; styrene maleicanhydride; propylene glycol methyl ether; perfluoroalkyl sodium tripoly phosphate; magnesium carbonate; ethanol quarternary ammonium disinfectant compound; potassium peroxy monosulfate polyalkyl nitrolotriacetate; perfluoro alkyl acryl ate; copolymer oxalic acid; sodium alpha olefin sulfonate; alcohol ethoxylate acetic acid; ammonium hydroxide; d’limonene; sodium tripolyphosphate; sodium laurel sulfate; proteolytic enzyme; 2-butoxyethanol amyl acetate; polymerized 2,5 furandione; tri-n-butylitin maleate and many others, PLUS many chemicals that their manufacture aren’t even willing to disclose, citing “trade secrets”.

Drysdale’s cleaning products are chemical free- ALL BIO-BASED. That is, they are manufactured from various fruit, vegetable, and aquatic sources, which are safer for you and the environment.

What’s wrong with wet method carpet cleaning?

Most carpet cleaning methods are just too wet! Unnecessarily wet.

Wet carpet cleaning misleadingly marketed as steam cleaning has numerous disadvantages:

Drying time can take many hours, even days. That’s real inconvenience.

  • Over-wetting can occur, soaking the base of the carpet, the foam pad and possibly even the wood floor below.

  • Excess moisture can lead to mildew, musty odors, mold, and mold spores. Mold spores can get into people’s lungs and make them ill.

  • Dust mites grow faster in more humid environs.

  • With wet cleaning, spots frequently return to view during the prolonged dry-out period.

  • The more water left in the carpet, the more detergent remains as well. The presence of both causes newly cleaned carpets to track up with fresh soil, resulting in rapid re-soiling.

  • Othe r services:

    In addition to cleaning wall-to wall carpeting and most types of area rugs, including Orientals, Drysdale’s also cleans upholstery.

    Massachusetts Carpet Cleaning- All Natural, Chemical Free Floor Care, Quick Drying Green Carpet

    Further, our investment in a European-made, high temperature (c. 280 degrees F.) controlled steam machine we are able to offer a unique service which utilizes moist heat instead of chemicals to neutralize the allergens created by the presence of dust mites and other micro-organisms

    What you’ll get.

    • Beautifully clean rugs and carpets
    • All natural chemical- free process
    • Complete drying time in just minutes

    Carpet Cleaning Services Rates

    Stairs 3.60 each

    Contact Information: Phone 1-617-242-6957 or 1-978-531-9340 Email

    Comments & Reviews For Drysdale’s ‘All Natural’ Carpet Cleaning Services:

    We continue to use Drysdale’s because it is convenient to have our rugs cleaned at home, and because the cleaning is thorough. They look good just after they have been cleaned, and they stay looking that way for some time.

    Judy Talvacchia & John Boll Medford, MA.

    Highly recommended. What a relief to know that I could find carpet cleaning that does not necessitate the use of toxic chemicals. A much-needed alternative service that gets the job done without compromising anyone’s health. Thank you for your good work.

    I’m writing to thank you for the many years of excellent services my carpets have received from Drysdale’s. I doubt there’s a stain you can’t conquer, and I very much appreciate your company’s commitment to healthful cleaning products. My only wish is that there were more businesses like yours. Willingly, I recommend you to anyone and everyone here at our complex and anywhere in New England. Drysdale’s has been trustworthy and responsible, and I look forward to many years of continuing to do business together.

    Susan Council, Newton Massachusetts

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