Manufactured Home Redo Style Selections Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring from Lowes

Manufactured Home Redo Style Selections Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring from Lowes

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Style Selections Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring from Lowes

So, to get started. The prep work is a lot harder than laying the tiles. First my husband pulled up the old, nasty carpet. It is amazing how much dirt gets trapped underneath carpet and padding. No wonder our little Dachshund sneezed so much!

I used a pair of fiskars sewing scissors to cut the planks. I had read a review where someone had used a blade knife on the backside of a plank, then bent it at the slice, then cut it with scissors. I did this for the first couple of cuts, but then decided to just try it with my scissors, eliminating the blade knife. It worked just as well to only use my scissors, and was much quicker. I used a pencil and a small square to mark where i wanted to cut on the back side of each plank. Each plank has a paper liner to protect the glue, so you can easily draw on the paper without marking on the plank. At first I used a marking pen, but quickly realized a pencil worked just as well and there was no chance of leaving unwanted marks on anything.

The most important thing to remember is, when you cut the planks, lay the cut end against your wall so that all planks touching end to end have the factory cut butting up to each other. No matter how careful you are at cutting, it seems they are never as perfect as the factory cut and you may be able to see little gaps..

Once you get ready to lay them, you simple remove the protective paper backing and lay your tile in place. I used the palms of my hands and ran them down the length of each plank to make sure it was really stuck..

The directions that come with it suggest you get a 100 lb floor roller and roll it over your floor to make sure all the planks stick completely. We didn’t have access to a floor roller..We contemplated buying a small yard roller with a handle option and using that, but after getting quite a bit of the dining room laid, we decided sliding our feet up and down the length of the planks would be just as good as using a roller, and much easier. That became my husbands job. I laid the planks, he slid.

The glue on the back of the planks is really sticky, and you will get glue on your fingers and hands. There’s no way to avoid it. I washed my hands often through out the day trying to remove the glue. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and I eventually realized that finger nail polish would remove it quickly, although, it does dry out your skin. It wasn’t a big problem, just something to be aware of. My scissors also got very «gummy», but the finger nail polish and/or WD40 did clean them up just fine.

Our dining room is about 12 x 15. I started laying the planks around 1 in the afternoon and had it almost completed by 7 that evening. I had spent the morning sweeping and applying the primer, so I’d been at it for about 12 hours by time I quit for the night. Enough for one day.

A few of the planks had glue stuck on the edges. My husband read through the directions but didn’t find any solutions, so he called one of our sons for advice on how to clean it off safely. We sure didn’t want to use finger nail polish remover on the face of the planks for fear of damaging them. This son is a carpenter, and suggested we use WD40. hmmmmmm. never would have thought of that. But my husband tried it and it worked like a dream. Super easy. My husband just squirted a little on an old cloth and wiped any area with glue. It took it off completely and did absolutely no damage to the vinyl.

I started laying the planks early on day 2. I finished the dining room in no time at all and moved on to the kitchen and candle room. I went through the same process of cleaning and sweeping, except these floors had linoleum flooring, so I also scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees to make sure I got every bit of dirt off them. I also had to move quite a bit of my candle supplies out of the candle room so nothing was in my way. By time I finished with all that and applied the Henry’s Floor Primer, it was lunch time, so we went and got a salad from McD’s. By time we got back, the floor was dry and ready for the vinyl planks..

The vinyl planks really stick like crazy over linoleum. I’d found that I could move them a bit once applied on the sub flooring if need be, but not so much on the linoleum. If I made a mistake, I had to pull up the whole plank. But it really wasn’t that big of deal. Other than a few tricky cuts around some of the cupboards, it went pretty smoothly. I had all the floors done by 8pm except for a few under cabinet cuts, which I saved for the morning of day 3. Other than every inch of my body aching, day 3 went quickly and I was done before breakfast..

After breakfast, we ran to Home Depot and purchased base molding. My husband did a really nice job of installing it. He used a cordless brad nailer and said it made the work so easy.

We bought these little corner thingies so he wouldn’t have to make perfect corner cuts, which he really dislikes doing.

I’m not sure why the color in this picture is so weird, but anyhoo, you can see what I mean by the corner wood thingie. I’m not sure what they’re called. You can tell I»m a professional. lol..

Manufactured Home Redo Style Selections Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring from Lowes

Looking at the picture above, even though the color is odd, does this not look like real wood or what. It is real wood on the walls, and the floor looks just as real. These vinyl planks are very impressive!!

He worked on that throughout the day. the hardest part was the little pieces he had to fit in around some weird walls. He did a great job and it looks so pretty!

Day 4 we moved everything back in place and I put my candle room back together. So from start to finish, it took us about 4 days to complete 3 rooms..Not bad!

I really doubt if anyone would look at these floors and not think they were wood. These vinyl planks really are such a great alternative to wood floors. One of our dogs is a «senior» and has a lot of problems with his back legs. As long as he walks at a normal pace, he doesn’t have a problem, but when he gets excited, for instance, when it’s breakfast time, he ends up slipping and sliding. Because of that we’ve laid a couple of rugs down to help him get around. But despite his sliding around on the floors, I haven’t seen any scratches anywhere!

The only suggestion I would make to anyone thinking about laying this type of flooring: Don’t ask for advice or opinions from anyone who hasn’t actually used the flooring. We went back and forth on this flooring based on some advice given by «professionals» on some of the online forums, warning that these floors don’t work, you should have hardwood floors installed, you can’t lay them over sub flooring, on and on. Some of the negative advice I received really made us put off getting started..but then I returned to the Lowes website and read all the positive feedback from actual customers, and I got excited to lay this floor again. I’m so glad I did!

I say poopoo the poopooers!

I really love our new floors. They’re much easier to take care of then the old carpet and linoleum floors. They’re easy to clean with a dust mop or swifter wet sweeper.

Up next: the living room and hallway floor. We’ll be laying the vinyl planks on those floors, too! Can’t wait to see the finished floors. Stay tuned!

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