Mannington Wood Floors Premium Engineered Flooring

Mannington Wood Floors Premium Engineered Flooring

Mannington Wood Floors: Premium Engineered Flooring

Mannington wood floors are produced by the Mannington Company, which has been producing wood flooring since 1915. Mannington manufactures premium engineered wood floors, which offer greater dimensional stability than regular wood floors, so they can be installed on, above, or below ground level for a sophisticated look anywhere in the home. Engineered wood flooring simply means that the floor is constructed of five layers of wood bonded together rather than one solid plank of wood, making it more durable and hardy than an ordinary wooden plank. Mannington wood floors come in several domestic and exotic wood species (oak, hickory, etc.), as well as a variety of plank widths and thicknesses.

Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

Mannington wood floors are made to be installed virtually anywhere in a home, at ground level, above ground level, or even below ground level. Mannington products made from engineered hardwood can even be installed in nontraditional places, such as in kitchens, basements, and even attics. These are all places where ordinary solid wood floors cannot be installed due to the sensitivity of the wood to water or the excess weight of the floor. Mannington wood flooring uses a unique UltraFit tongue and groove installation system precision-engineered using diamond-tip tools, offering a uniform and stable fit that can be reliably installed by the homeowner or by a professional, whether the floor is glued, stapled, nailed, or floated.

Premium Hardwood

Mannington Wood Floors Premium Engineered Flooring

Mannington hardwood flooring uses only premium select wood types for the wood flooring’s top face and one hundred percent North American hardwoods for the inner portion of the planks for maximum quality and beauty. Their multi-layer, cross-grain construction makes the flooring extremely durable and much stronger than an ordinary plank of wood. Mannington wood flooring is even protected by an excellent warranty against warping, gapping, or buckling. Plus, Mannington wood floors are considerate of the environment. It takes less than half as many trees to produce a engineered Mannington wood floor as it does to produce the same floor in traditional solid wood. Also, Mannington uses water-based stains and finishes that dont contain harsh solvents, and the Mannington adhesive system is formaldehyde-free. Mannington also produces laminate flooring, vinyl flooring (Adura), and porcelain tile products at a variety of price points.

Mannington has a special finish on its hardwood flooring that is hard to beat. Mannington flooring has a seven-step UltraWear Plus finish with ScratchResist technology, a polyurethane/aluminum oxide finish that provides excellent protection against normal wear. Each step in the UltraWear Plus finish is an ultraviolet-light cured process that is unique to the industry. This process makes the wood planks’ solvent-free finish extra strong. Along with exceptional durability, the UltraWear Plus finish delivers long-term protection against normal wear, scratches, and scuffs, while giving the wood a beautiful luster. This process is now available on all floors they carry.

Maintenance of Mannington flooring is easy. Simply follow basic maintenance techniques like regularly sweeping or vacuuming, cleaning spills promptly, and strategically placing mats, rugs, and casters. No damp mopping is required, ever. They dont need to be waxed or stripped and refinished like ordinary wood floors do after a period of time. Since Mannington floors are so unique, the company recommends using only Mannington cleaners that have been specifically designed for their wood floors.

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