Lumber Liquidators Flooring Review

Lumber Liquidators Flooring Review

Lumber Liquidators Review: Is This Former Upstart Still Good?

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Lumber Liquidators is no longer the hot insider secret they were of just ten years ago. Prices are now more in line with other flooring outlets (but at least not more expensive). Product quality is a perennial problem.

I am alternately frustrated and pleased by them. Frustrated for many of the reasons detailed below (funky customer service, deceptive advertising, bad boards, etc.). Pleased because I’ve found weird items like utility-grade wood floor for my workshop for next-to-nothing prices. Plus, sometimes I am not in the mood to engage with customer service reps, so being ignored by them is exactly what I want.

  • Low prices
  • Increasing number of locations
  • Dedicated to solid flooring only
  • Often, good online clearance items
  • Wide selection
  • Lumber Liquidators Flooring Review
  • Low pressure sales environment
  • Sometimes poor or non-existent customer service
  • Problems with quality with its house brand, Bellawood
  • No installation
  • Sales events are deceptive and do not have advertised items (see below)

Once An Industry Rebel, How Is Lumber Liquidators Doing Now?

Ah, those salad days of the turn of the millennium! In those late Clinton/early Bush days, it was possible to slip quietly away on a Sunday to an undisclosed location in a light industrial area. and discover flooring gold.

It was called Lumber Liquidators, and few people knew about it. For those in the flooring intelligentsia, Lumber Liquidators was a secret to be guarded: low prices, no-nonsense service, nice selection, and low prices (wait, did we mention that already?).

Now, alas, Lumber Liquidators has fallen. It is big, with over 150 locations across the U.S. It has Ty Pennington and Bob Vila as spokesmen. It sponsors a racing team.

I give a healthy Bronx cheer to Bob Vila and Ty Pennington and the Lumber Liquidators NASCAR Racing Team. Why? Because guess who is subsidizing all of that garbage? You are, Mr. and Ms. Consumer.

Prices have remained reasonable at Lumber Liquidators, but they are nothing to write home about, that’s for sure. The perfunctory service is still in place (in my mind, minimal customer service is not necessarily a bad thing, but that’s just me). And it’s all over the figurative map now, with hardwood, engineered, laminate, bamboo, and cork. What’s next? Sheet vinyl? Ceramic tile? I hope not.

If you live near a Lumber Liquidators, it certainly is worth a look. Having your flooring shipped or even delivered locally will push the prices up, but if you can haul it yourself you’re in for true discount flooring. Lumber Liquidators will not install your flooring. It should be noted that most flooring retailers do not. Instead, Lumber Liquidators has a list of preferred installers you can call (similar to the way other retailers do it).

One special note about Lumber Liquidators’ Yard Sale Events in the Fall. These events promise cheap clearance items in a parking lot yard sale type of atmosphere. I have found these events to be nearly worthless, as the advertised items are often unavailable.

Yes, the ad circular does state that some items might be unavailable. But I have showed up at Yard Sales within minutes of opening and asked about advertised items, only to encounter befuddled customer service reps who knew nothing about the items.

  • Lumber Liquidators is a discount hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring retail outlet.
  • Decent prices across the board.
  • Wide selection of unfinished flooring—a rarity to find this nowadays.
  • Purveyor of discount flooring Bellawood.
  • Spotty customer service (this is good or bad, depending on your predilection).
  • Quality problems with its Bellawood line.
  • No installation help. Note: most flooring retailers do not have flooring installers on staff.

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