Laminate Kitchen Flooring Kitchen Flooring

Laminate Kitchen Flooring  Kitchen Flooring

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Are you looking for flooring that can be both beautiful and durable all at the same time? Is there even such a floor available? Of course there is. If you searching for these qualities for your new floor than you really dont have to look any farther than laminate kitchen flooring. Laminate is an excellent means to add the natural beauty of both stone or wood floors to your home without having to pay the full price for those expensive materials and installation. Plus, laminates are really easy to take care of and keep clean, a natural advantage to have in the kitchen. After all, is there anything more that one could want than an easy to clean and maintain floor?

Its easy to clean. It looks good. Its simple to install. But what youll find though is that there is a crowd of people that will tell you that laminate floors are not a good solution for either bathrooms or kitchens due to the potential for water damage. But Im hear to tell you its much less of a problem here than the bathroom and perfectly safe if you follow some simple rules to care for your new floor.

Laminate kitchen flooring will allow you to remodel your floors both quickly and easily. You can get laminate in a multitude of styles and colors including: bamboo, cork, oak, cherry, ash, walnut, slate, stone, marble, tile, brick, and so much more. They even come in the wide plank variety that will produce a much different, thicker looking floor. However, if you think that planks are the only styles of laminates you can get, then youve got another thing coming. They also come in popular tile sizes as well. Its versatile. Its beautiful. Its durable. If this is something that you want to match the rest of your home, its certainly possible.

Traditional laminate usually comes in strip plank flooring and built out of several combined layers. The outer layer thats visible is typically a clear coating that covers the laminates design and protects it from the elements. The next layer is the design layer that, for laminates, is nothing more than a quality high definition picture of the flooring material that it mimics. They come in all different shades and styles ranging from wood to tile to stone. The next layer is what provides the strength of the material at its core. The core is usually made from a type of particle board. One thing to note, a thicker core means a more stable board. Its pertinent to understand that some brands of laminate flooring will have a core layer that has been treated to be water resistant. This core is also where the planks will lock together. On some of these locking joints, some manufacturers have started to include wax to also help keep the water out from penetrating down to the core. Some laminates will have another layer added as well, a padded backing for some additional strength and moisture protection from underneath.

The only really tough decision you have to make for this flooring is a matter of preference, what color and style do you want. Just understand that the one that you choose will be a focal point to the rest of the design elements and appliances you may already have if you are not replacing those items as well. Pick one that you truly like and can live with for a while, not because its cheaper than another one. It should be neutral enough to change as your tastes and styles change, but explosive enough to stand out for years to come.

While there are those that question a laminates here, it does make a wonderful floor. This covering is durable enough to withstand the daily grind and wear and tear that most all residential kitchens can dish out. It is both stain resistant and water resistant (to certain measures) which makes them easy to maintain. All you have to do for them really is sweep up the dust ever so often and once in a while a quick damp mop with a laminate floor cleaner.

The ease of maintenance is certainly one reason why laminates are becoming so popular throughout homes these days and especially in kitchens. But another is because of how easy they are to install. You dont need a professional for most occasions and can do them yourself. laminate flooring comes in two distinct styles: those that lock together and those that glue together. The snapping system, or click and lock method, are actually super easy to install, all you really need to be able to do is make the cuts for the sides, ends and corners.

The other really cool installation feature is that both of these kinds of laminates can be installed directly over many of your existing floors and concrete, with the exception of carpet. Currently got vinyl floors. No problem, you can put the laminate right over it. Just check the warranty and manufacturers recommendations for the specific type of laminate flooring that you purchase if you have other questions.

Picking laminate kitchen flooring to cover your existing floor is a wise decision. Most kitchens these days see quite a bit of foot traffic and laminate is strong enough and durable enough to last through the wear and tear that your family may dole out through the years. If you want a wood floor in your kitchen but dont want to pay the expensive price tag of getting one, then you really should look in to laminate for the kitchen.

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