Laminate Floor Stairs Tips eHow

Laminate Floor Stairs Tips eHow

Stair Prep

Cleanliness and soundness of the stairs are both critical to a successful installation. Clean each step and riser of any dirt, debris and old adhesive. Inspect each step for protruding nails, damaged areas and looseness; replace a board if it is not sound.

Dry Lay

Measure, cut and lay each step before you begin the installation. Laminate on stairs does not require an expansion space; therefore, it is critical to cut each tread and riser to fit tightly. Treads and risers are slightly different in size, and cutting all pieces to one standard measurement may not result in a proper fit.

Stair Nosing

Laminate on stairs requires a stair nosing on each step; take this into account when measuring and dry laying the treads and risers. Cut each stair nosing with its corresponding tread to ensure proper fit; stairways with an open side may require stair nosing on the side edge as well, and you must cut the treads accordingly.


Always use the adhesive recommended by the laminate manufacturer for stair application, and allow the adhesive to dry and cure for the recommended time before using the stairs to ensure both the quality of the installation and the integrity of the manufacturers warranty.


Some manufacturers recommend that you apply a sealant at the joint where the tread meets the riser. Always follow the manufacturers installation instructions to maintain your flooring warranty.

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Laminate Floor Stairs Tips eHow

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