Ideas for Home Redecoration with Wood Floors eHow

Ideas for Home Redecoration with Wood Floors eHow

Basic Refinishing

Simply refinishing an existing wood floor not only cleans up the living space but it can also change the general feel of the room. After sanding the floors down to bare wood, the finish options are wide open. Refinishing the floor with a lighter color stain opens the room up visually by adding light. Using a darker stain adds elegance and warmth. Depending on the floor’s level of use and natural distress, glazing can bring out antiquated details adding an old world dimension.

Scrub Plane

Giving the living space the air and feel of an old world chateau takes a little more effort, but the end results are well worth the extra time and energy. A scrub planed floor takes on the look and texture of centuries of use and can be achieved many different ways. One simple way of creating an authentic texture is through the use of a hand power planer. A hand plainer is designed to cut a flat even surface in wood. By arching the blade of a hand power plainer slightly asymmetrical, the flat planning tool becomes distressing tool. Once the blade has been altered, simple run the hand planer along the floor boards in line with the grain patterns and sand the surface smooth. Applying a glazing or gel coat to the textured surface accentuates the effect.

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Ideas for Home Redecoration with Wood Floors eHow

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