Hydronic radiant hot water floor heat

hydronic radiant hot water floor heat

Radiant floor heating has been used for centuries. The Romans channeled hot air under the floors of their villas. The Koreans channeled hot flue gases under their floors before venting them up the chimney. In the 1930s, architect Frank Lloyd Wright piped hot water through the floors of many of his buildings. Home builders’ surveys have shown that, if given a choice, most new home owners prefer radiant floor heat over other types of systems. Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating by the U.S. Department of Energy.

H ydronic Radiant-Floor Heating, A to Z. Read this fine article by the Taunton Press, publisher of Fine Homebuilding, in our opinion, one of the best trade magazines in the industry.

There are several players in this booming industry, here are only a few of them.

Runners Up:

EasyFloor is a new concept in hydronic radiant floor heating that delivers all of the comfort you would expect from an advanced radiant heat system. However, EasyFloor is unmatched in operating effectiveness and efficiency, value and ease of installation. EasyFloor is Radiant Warmth the Right Way, claimed the company.

If you have never experienced radiant heat, you’re in for something wonderful. It’s the kind of heat that warms your home in all the right places. Silently. Invisibly. And oh so comfortably.

That’s because Infloor ® works its warming magic where it can create maximum comfort — from the floor up. It’s the flexible system that turns your floors into super-efficient radiators, providing a constant source of gentle, even heat with room-by-room control.

Complete heating packages custom designed to fit your heating needs. We can custom tailor a radiant floor heating system to heat one room, or a whole house!

Each Do it yourself package comes complete with everything you will need to install your heating system along with detailed plans that are sure to make it easy for the do-it your-selfer!.

High quality, affordable radiant heating and cooling packages. The web site needs work.

According to the company, Radiantec has more experience than anyone else in the field. They have been in business for more than 20 years.

Imitation is flattery; but sometimes it causes problems. Radiantec is the original radiant heating company for the consumer. Other companies have closely copied Radiantec, but there are important differences in quality and support. Radiantec also claim they will not be undersold.

We, at Absolute Remodeling, have been using Radiantec for several years now, and to this day, we did not encounter one single problem. We also always received good, fast assistance from the friendly staff. Equally friendly is the informative web site.

RadiantMax can supply you with a complete radiant heat package no matter what the application. Products and services range from simple do-it-yourself radiant heat kits to engineered commercial and residential projects.

With millions upon millions of feet of radiant piping systems installed across North America, IPEX WarmRite Floor® offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of integrated hydronic radiant technology for the controllable, dependable, energy-efficient heating of residential, industrial, institutional and commercial buildings.

According to the manufacturer, Warmzone is your one-stop destination for purchasing the finest radiant products. We specialize in matching your individual project to a radiant system that makes sense.

Particularly informative is their Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air comparison.

Watts Radiant is the largest American owned radiant floor heating company in North America and the only company with strong product lines in both hydronic heating and electric radiant heat technology. From giant athletic fields to tiny bathrooms, Watts Radiant has more options for radiant floor heating than anyone.

Well known established company with a poor web site; There’s no overview of the fairly large radiant heat system. Better know what you’re looking for.

Radiant heating controls the rate at which a body loses heat by turning large surface areas (floor, walls, ceilings) into large, low temperature radiators. These surfaces surround a person with warmth. Efficient and economical Wirsbo Radiant Systems keep families like yours cozy and comfortable and often increase the resale value of your home.

Wirsbo is also a manufacturer of Quik Trak. a manufactured wood panel with channels to receive the PEX tubing (more info below)

Not selected yet.

Radiant floor systems can be wet or dry. Wet systems are 1/2 to 7/8 tubing embedded in a poured-concrete slab or in thin, lightweight gypsum floor poured over a wood sub-floor. This system works well with glue-down finish floors like stone or ceramic tiles, or when stamping and finishing the concrete. We use this method all the time when finishing our basements (we break the existing concrete slab, dig up the dirt for additional headroom, and then install the tubing after installing insulation boards).

More recently, dry systems have been developed that use mechanical fasteners to hold the tubing and a heat-transfer plate to distribute the warmth. There are two possible installation options for the dry system: One installation method fastens the tubing to the underside of the sub-floor (between the floor joists) in combination with aluminum heat-transfer plates, a system commonly referred to as staple up. The other, newer method uses manufactured panels and can be referred to as an above floor system. Above floor systems are installed above the sub floor and below the finished floor.

hydronic radiant hot water floor heat

Because of its higher energy efficiency, an above floor dry system will be used for our project; Manufactured panels on top of the sub-floor have a quicker response time than any other systems because the tubing is closer to the surface.

Wood floor panels are necessary for this type of hydronic radiant heat. The following are the four main manufacturers we found:

Runners Up:

This site is not very good at explaining and selling this product, nor can it give you any simple specifications, like the thickness.

Ok, after talking with the sales rep, the board thickness is 5/8, and the channels are for 3/8 PEX.

Viega Climate Panel System (PDF file) is a method of choice for radiant heat installation in wood frame construction. Fastest, cleanest, easiest way to install radiant heat over wood subfloors, existing concrete slabs or in the walls. The boards are only 1/2 thick, but the manufacturer web site is silent on the size of the channels, leaving you in the dark on what size PEX you can use; Is it 5/16, 3/8 or 1/2.

-The answer is 5/16.

Warmboard combines a high strength tongue and groove plywood structural APA rated sub-floor panel with a state of the art low mass high performance radiant heat floor panel. The same labor that would normally just install a structural sub-floor, simultaneously installs the panels that become part of your radiant heating system.

In a nutshell, this is sort of a two-in-one product 1-1/8 thick, combining your 5/8 or 3/4 typical sub-floor and your 1/2 channel panels with aluminum heat-transfer plates. Perfect application would be when building new. May be your best option if your typical (plywood or OSB) sub-floor is not yet installed. Seems to be the only one in the industry that accepts 1/2 PEX.

Non-structural Thermalboard is designed specifically for sub-floor applications. It is constructed of dense composite board covered with aluminum that spreads the heat evenly and quickly. Thermalboard heats rapidly and is easy to control with setback thermostats for maximum energy efficiency. 5/8 thick, can only receive 3/8 PEX, a bit small. Warmzone provides complete radiant heat packages .

Quik Trak is an ingenious and cost effective method of installing radiant floor heating in new construction, and also brings affordable radiant heating solutions to troublesome cold spots in existing homes. The patented system of wood panels (7 x 48 or 10 x 48) attached to aluminum heat transfer sheets can be installed over a plywood sub-floor, offering an alternative to joist heating and poured floor under-layment installations. A groove down the center of the panel holds the Wirsbo 5/16 hePEX™ plus tubing. Return Traks with a U groove complete tubing returns. The slim 1/2 panel profile adds minimal floor height, but can only receive 5/16 PEX, a bit small in our opinion.

Wirsbo is also a manufacturer of PEX tubing and can provide you with an entire radiant heat package solution .

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