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How to Lay Laminate Wood Flooring

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To lay laminate wood flooring remove the wood trim around the bottom edges of the room. Starting from one end of the room lay down a piece of laminate. Connect the other piece of laminate, to the side of the first piece. Press in the piece to lock in place to the other. Complete the row. Start the second row, attaching a piece, sliding it in the piece in the first row. Using a metal gripping tool designed for laying laminate wood floor, place it against the side of the piece. Using a hammer hit the metal piece to get a tight firm lock onto the piece of the first row. Continue to work on the row, and use the hammer and the metal piece to tighten each piece. Custom cut the laminate pieces using a saw to fit around the edges and corners. Once you cover the whole room, put the wood trim back on the walls. Purchase a wood filling material, to rub with your fingers along any connecting pieces, that are showing a light distance or crack in between each other. The pieces you might not have hammered tight enough to lock in place.

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How to Lay Wood Laminate Floor

Laminate wood floors are used in several homes because they are relatively easy to clean and maintain. If you have plans to lay your own wood laminate floor, be sure to check your instructions first. Some laminate requires glue and some just simply s More

In which direction do you lay laminate flooring?

Lay laminate flooring out so that it runs in the same direction as the main light source, advises Floors and Carpets. The floor boards should run perpendicular from a main window. My Home Improvement, a website by Ask The Pros, notes that you should More

How to lay wood laminate flooring?

1. Bring all of your flooring inside your entryway or storage room and leave it sit for 48 hours. This will allow the flooring to adjust to the humidity in your house before you lay it down. Absorbing moisture can cause it to expand slightly. 2. Remo More

How to lay laminate wood flooring?

1. Prepare room. Remove the baseboards and doors prior to starting the floor installation process. 2. Lay a barrier. A vapor barrier should be rolled out under the laminate floor. This provides insulation in rooms that are prone to higher levels of m More

How to lay wood laminate flooring in bathrooms?

1. Remove the toilet by turning off the water line, disconnecting the line from the toilet with your wrench, then taking out the floor mounting bolts. 2. Remove the floor trim throughout the room with your hammer and pry bar. Keep the trim intact. Se More

How to lay laminate wood floors on exposed stairs?

1. Prep the stairway before installing laminate flooring. Remove existing carpeting or runner and clean the surface thoroughly to remove residual glue. Vacuum the surface to remove dust, dirt and debris. Fill dips or low spots in the stairs with self More

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