Home Depot and Shell FAB deny responsibility for damaging my new floor during counter install

Home Depot and Shell FAB deny responsibility for damaging my new floor during counter install

Home Depot and Shell FAB deny responsibility for damaging my new floor during counter install

I will be brief, but the problems are much more involved.

I purchased a solid surface counter from HD in 01/10. HD contracts out to a company called Shell FAB. SF came and measured, but we never received a final square footage and adjusted cost, although I asked for it several times. The guy measuring said the wall was warped, due to the old house, but that the counter would be made to accommodate.

The counter was installed 02/23/10. The counter was made to inappropriate dimensions. I called to complain to SF the next day. My father in law and husband installed a new Pergo flooring in the kitchen on 02/27/10. SF came to inspect the counter on 03/02/10. He said that the initial measuring was wrong and that the board on the other side of the dishwasher needed to be pushed back. This would now leave a huge gap in my new floor. He apologized and said that he would have his guys come and use scrap floor to fix it and hopefully the moldings would cover it. (They also needed to sand down one end of the counter).

SF sent two guys to fix the counter on 03/09/10. They spent about two hours repairing the counter and fixing the floor. They left a TON of shavings from the counter sanding all over my kitchen, and splattered it onto the cupboards on my island. This, however, is not my complaint.

When my husband came home that evening, he noticed silicone left on the floor. When he got down to try to scratch it off, he noticed several dents and scratches in the new flooring. Devastated, I called HD customer service, mere hours after the installers were there. HD CS was wonderful, and had the manager at the local store call me in the AM. She, too, was wonderful. I sent her the picture that we had taken the night before. The pictures had a tape measure next to each scratch and dent.

The local HD managers deliberated between themselves for about a week. It was then decided that this would be a claim through their insurance company in Atlanta, GA-Sedgwick CMS. They sent a local insurance adjuster from CIA (Custard Insurance Adjusters) to my house to inspect the damage. The guy never got on the floor, and took pictures from waist high. This concerned me, so I forwarded him via email the pictures that I had taken. The adjuster spent 10 minutes talking to me about how he had a lot of work done on his house and how stuff like this upset him. He said, and I quote «this all could have been prevented by laying a drop cloth.»

LONG story, many unanswered phone calls and emails later, brings us to 04/21/10. I finally got tired of hearing from the insurance adjuster, so I called HD CS again. They called and got my adjuster on the line, who said that the claim has been denied. That the report he received from CIA stated that it was normal «wear and tear» on the floor. If this is normal for a two person household in 11 days, Im scared to know what they think my floor would look like after a year of us living there?

We then spoke to this adjusters manager, who said that we need to provide them with photographs between the installation and the damage in order to have some proof. They cannot place 100% blame on the installers. While we have pictures of the new floor, none of them are taken as closely as the ones with the damage. So, without a picture of them actually dropping something on the floor-how can I prove this?

Home Depot and Shell FAB deny responsibility for damaging my new floor during counter install

Shouldnt it be enough that I called immediately? Took and sent pictures immediately? Have been waiting for over six weeks for some sort of an answer? Who is willing to fight so hard for a lie? I TRUSTED them to come into my HOME. So now any time I have someone enter my home for anything, I must take before and after pictures.

I am devastated. We purchased an older home and have been excited to fix it up. We had an original 1928 wood floor in the kitchen and I was ELATED to have it redone so my newly crawling infant wouldnt be on that gross old floor. I babied this floor, there is no way that we damaged it-I wouldnt even let my husband wear shoes on it!And even more so, there is no way we would damage it, and then randomly try to blame it on someone else!

They offered me $100 gift card. It would cost well over $1000 to replace the floor. What am I supposed to do? If this isnt resolved to our satisfaction, we will NEVER purchase from HD again, and will encourage everyone else we know to do the same.

Its sad that HD CS was actually quite wonderful, but their insurance people seem to care less about their customers and their homes.

I challenge any HD CS agents to resolve this situation for me.

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