Hardwood Flooring – The Environmentally Friendly Option Consolidated Flooring Company

Hardwood Flooring – The Environmentally Friendly Option Consolidated Flooring Company

Hardwood Flooring – The Environmentally Friendly Option

Hardwood flooring has been in use for centuries and wood has long been a material of choice because it is strong, durable and provides a beautiful, natural look to an interior.

Its popularity has further increased in recent years, as people become have more educated about their environment and how they impact on their surroundings leading to an increased demand for healthy, natural and sustainable products.

Here we shall look closely at the benefits of hardwood flooring and why it is such a great, eco-friendly choice for the home or business.

Natural wood Flooring The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Natural wood flooring is an eco friendly alternative to other flooring products, because wood is one of the most sustainable resources available. Trees can be replanted and timber can be recycled or repaired.

It is also a natural product, free from the toxic chemicals which are present in vinyl and synthetic carpets which is better for the health of people and the planet.

Another eco-friendly benefit of hardwood flooring, different to other types of flooring, is that it is so long lasting. A solid wood floor can last for a hundred years or more and does not have to be replaced frequently, ending up in landfill. This compares to carpets for instance, which have an average lifespan of ten years and laminate flooring: ten to twenty years.

FSC / PEFC Certified Flooring

Whilst all types of wooden flooring offer environmental benefits, there are a number of hardwood flooring products on the market today that are FSC / PEFC certified. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and this is an independent international organisation that encourages responsible forest management. PEFC, or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, is an umbrella organisation which covers a number of separate forest certification schemes that apply to different countries. It is an international organisation that aims to make forest certification easier. These certification programmes help to ensure the health of our forests.

Natural Wood Flooring So Much Choice

Hardwood Flooring – The Environmentally Friendly Option Consolidated Flooring Company

Contrary to what some people think, natural wood flooring encompasses a whole spectrum of different colours and effects so environmentally friendly does not need to mean boring!

There are many of shades of timber, from light to very dark, as well as all the ones in between including natural wood flooring with hints of gold or red, or and even purple. Other timbers have a deep dark grain, such as Wenge, and timber with attractive flecks of gold, such as Merbau, as well as timber with knots or individual marks such as cat’s paw.

Flooring choices are wide too: choose from parquet flooring, mosaic floor, end grain, strip floors or for a more rustic look, aged and distressed. In addition to the various types of flooring, there are also a range of finishes available to produce different effects such as matt, satin or gloss lacquers, to wax, oils or stains.

Whether you require hardwood flooring for high traffic areas, or rooms that are used just once in a while, natural wood flooring is stunning and suitable for a range of interiors from offices to private homes. More choices in

Restoring Your Solid Wood Floor

Although wood is a sustainable product, restoring your existing hardwood flooring is the most environmentally friendly option as no trees have to be cut down in the process, and the end result is that your flooring looks as good as new. And, very often, a restored floor will have that much more character than a brand new one.

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