Gymnasium Planning & Design Gymnasium Hardwood Maple Flooring Systems

Gymnasium Planning & Design Gymnasium Hardwood Maple Flooring Systems


    All system component parts must be supplied by Gymnasium Planning & Design The flooring contractor must be approved by Gymnasium Planning & Design Flooring materials must be allowed to acclimate to building conditions on the job site in a dry, well-ventilated area, not in contact with masonry, and shall be installed at a moisture content not to exceed 8% except in areas of constant high humidity where the moisture content of the flooring shall not exceed 10%.


    The wood flooring shall not be installed until all masonry, plastering, tile, marble and terrazzo work is completed, and overhead mechanical trades and painters have finished in the wood floor area.   The building must be reasonably dry; all openings must be closed in; permanent heating and air conditioning installed and working before, during and after installation. The concrete slab shall be dry, free of foreign materials and turned over to the wood flooring contractor broom clean.   Moderate room temperature of 65° or more shall be maintained a week preceding and throughout the duration of the work.   Humidity conditions within the building shall approximate humidity conditions which will prevail when the building is occupied.   If prior experience indicates relative humidity during sustained heating periods will fall below 35%, building engineering shall provide for facilities to introduce moisture into the area when required.   Conversely, if relative humidity increases to 50% or higher, measures should be taken to dry the building.   This may require turning on the heat.


A. Gymnasium Planning & Design warrants the materials it ships to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year and the flooring installer warrants the installation of the flooring to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.   The exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be replacement of defective material by Gymnasium Planning & Design or correction of defective installation by the flooring installer.   All implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for intended use are limited to the period of this warranty.   This warranty excludes consequential damages.

B. This warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, winds, floods, chemicals, other abuse or by failure of other contractors to adhere to specifications or neglect of reasonable precautions to provide adequate ventilation during hot and humid weather.   This warranty also excludes damage due to excessive dryness or excessive moisture from humidity, spillage, migration through the slab or wall or any other source.   This warranty also excludes damage to floors due to ordinary wear and tear, faulty construction of the building (other than the flooring installation), separation of the concrete slab underlying the floor, settlement of walls or use of water on the floors.

C. During the warranty period, the floor cannot be coated without the approval of the flooring contractor.


A. Inspect concrete slab for proper tolerance and dryness, reporting any discrepancies in writing to the general contractor.

B. No pea or river gravel or slag aggregate shall be allowed in the concrete.   Concrete shall develop an average compression strength of 3500 PSI at time of installation.

C. All work required to put the concrete slab in acceptable condition shall be the responsibility of the general contractor.


A. Machine sand with coarse, medium and fine grit sandpaper.

B. After sanding, buff entire floor using 100 grit screenback or equal grit sandpaper with a heavy-duty buffing machine.

C. Vacuum or tack floor before first coat of seal.

D. Floor shall present a smooth surface without drum stop marks, gouges, streaks or shiners.


A. Inspect entire area of floor to ensure that the surface is acceptable for finishing, completely free from sanding dust and perfectly clean.

B. Apply seal and finish per manufacturer’s instructions.

C. Buff and vacuum or tack between each coat after it dries.

D. Apply game lines accurately after the seal coat(s), after buffing and vacuuming.   Lay out in accordance with drawings.   For game lines, use current rules of association having jurisdiction.   Lines shall be straight with sharp edges in colors selected by the architect.   Game line paint shall be compatible with finish.


All floating systems with rubber base:

Affix rubber vent cove base to wall with recommended adhesive or screws.   Miter all corners carefully.   Use premolded outside corners.   Install aluminum thresholds as required, anchoring firmly in concrete floor beyond limits of wood flooring.

All floating systems with maple base:

Install maple base, nailing maple directly to floor using finishing nails spaced 12” o.c.   Miter all joints at 45° angles.   Fill nail holes with wood filler prior to sanding and finishing.   Install aluminum thresholds as required, anchoring firmly in concrete floor beyond limits of wood flooring.


Clean up all unused materials and debris and remove from premises.

  Upon completion of floor installation, the owners, attendants or individuals in charge and responsible for the upkeep of the building are to see that the care and maintenance instructions of the MFMA are followed.   Failure to do so may void warranty.

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