Guide to Buying Flooring Online

Guide to Buying Flooring Online

Guide to Buying Flooring Online

All kinds of flooring are easily obtainable on the web and often at discount prices. But is it a good idea to buy online?

Theres really no reason to hesitate if you are sure of what you are buying. If you are still undecided take a look at some of the helpful guides to different types of flooring on this site.

Once you know what you want, browse around online to look at your options and decide on a supplier for your flooring whatever it may be. Youll find no end of suppliers of carpets. rugs. hardwood flooring. natural stone tiles and laminate right at your fingertips.

When evaluating a particular online companys offer against another, here are a few things to check :-

  1. Make sure that the companies have the flooring you want in stock. in the right color and the right quantity. A pink rug 28 by 35 is no good if you are looking for a small red round rug no matter how good value it is. If youre looking for carpet check that it is available in convenient widths (see Carpet Prices for details on why that matters). If you want to buy hardwood or laminated flooring check that the planks are the right size, quality and thickness for your home project (as well as your budget).

Get the Best Deal on Flooring by Buying Online

Its easy to compare prices with area rugs but if you are buying other kinds of flooring be sure to work out the total price for the whole floor area including any wastage due to pack sizes and shipping. Free shipping is great on a heavy product like flooring if you can get it but you still have to evaluate the whole deal.

  • Work out if you trust the company. The vast majority of online companies are fine these days but it is always good to see independent reviews from buyers or to shop with a company you know, like and trust. It is easier to see reviews on a site like Amazon where so many consumers add their opinions but you also find them on other sites. Remember you may have some consumer protection if you pay be credit card online so you can feel safer too. See what the terms of your credit card are.
  • Check the delivery schedule if you need your flooring fast. If you have a flooring installer lined up its no good if he has no wood or tile to work with. If you are installing yourself you may be a little more flexible but not if you have planned to get things done during a particular weekend or vacation time (or you need that rug to finish off the guest room and your visitors arrive next week).
  • Sometimes it is difficult to compare like with like unless you are buying branded carpet or flooring. Many companies make up their own product names for particular products making price comparison difficult. In this case you have to have other ways of assessing quality. With carpet it may be the weight of the carpet or the type of material or pile. With wood you may be comparing solid wood planks or engineered wood flooring and with each of these you need to consider the depth of real wood and the quality or variability of the wood. (See relevant sections for details).
  • American Cherry Hardwood Flooring

    One other thing. I buy everything online including all kinds of flooring and having bought from quite a lot of companies in my time I can see that there seems to be a huge correlation between the clarity of the ordering process and the quality of the customer service you can expect. If, while going through the ordering process online, you start to feel like you need to call someone to order instead because you dont trust the process or you cant work out exactly what to do or why the system suddenly does something unexpected, then go elsewhere. If a flooring company cant sell you a rug or let you order a few packs of wooden flooring online and give you a smooth experience what else are they going to get wrong? Luckily most companies are just fine and youll get a great deal on your flooring.

    Buy this beautiful floor (among many others) at Amazon and enjoy the benefits of having flooring delivered right to your home without having to leave the comfort of your armchair.

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