Frick Flooring And Installation — Oakland, CA Yelp

Frick Flooring And Installation - Oakland, CA Yelp

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Frick Flooring is the best, hands down and I will always go to John Frick for any flooring jobs in the future.  Ive worked in the construction industry for a decade (large infrastructure projects where flooring is not required) and he really does a stand up job at every level, from getting a quote (even honestly telling me that my job was a small job and that I should try other options, I was in a bind and asked him to help and am I ever glad that I did), executing the work, and to following up post work.  He takes great pride in his craftsmanship and I only wish he did carpeting and all kinds of other contracting work as contractors and detailed as him are hard to find.

The work was completed several months ago but I hadnt entered my rental since he installed the flooring, he made it easy to schedule the work for afar, and I only recently saw the finished product.  It looks fantastic all this time later, like it was just installed this very week.  There was even a problem on my tenants side with scheduling the work and John Frick was very understanding and what could have been a problematic situation was easily resolved by his professionalism, I can not rave enough about him.

Really amazing. I am overwhelmed with joy looking at my new floor! I dont know where to start when describing how fabulous it is to work with this talented gentleman.

First of all, Mr. Frick is the neatest, cleanest,and unobtrusive of all contractors I have ever worked with. He even treats his tools with love and care. He was courteous and efficient, and the prices he quoted me were very fair. He showed up exactly when he said he would and he did everything he said he would, except he finished a day early.The price quoted me was the price charged and their were no surprises.

He moved all the really heavy kitchen furniture and appliances with great care brought his own wooden platforms to place them on so they wouldnt damage floors in other rooms. He put up with working in a very small space with a lot of stuff piled up, and two people+ three dogs running around.

My kitchen floor is so beautiful it feels almost like having a brand new kitchen! The only complaint I have is the floor looks so great the much-needed paint job on the cupboards is painfully obvious. I had had my kitchen floor done before, but it didnt hold up. This time I expect I will have a beautiful floor for a long time to come.

Frick Flooring And Installation - Oakland, CA Yelp

I have a 1920s bungalow and I wanted something retro looking in the way of vinyl industrial tile, or marmoleum. Even though Mr. Frick really likes to work with marmoleum, he advised me that the heavy traffic through my kitchen with big dogs and their big claws might damage the marmoleum and directed me to some amazing vinyl industrial-grade tile.

He was very thorough in putting a  skim coat over the existing flooring that was in good shape, and replaced any flooring that was damaged before laying the tile. The tile was laid so nicely that I can barely see any seams, and the baseboard is beautiful. He also replaced my beat up wooden threshold with a new wooden one near the wood floor, and a metal one near the back door (which is appropriate) without my prompting or asking. He was meticulous in everything he did and a very, very, pleasant person to work with.

If I could give him 10 stars, I would!

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