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Making repairs to damaged and blemished flooring can restore the appearance of your home, and is typically more economical than replacing the material in an entire room. The difficulty and expense of flooring repairs are influenced by the type of floor covering and the nature of damage. Your contractor can evaluate the project to determine the overall size of the repair area and help you plan for the materials, time, equipment and disruption of the job.

Flooring Repairs at Homes and Businesses

The cost of flooring repairs at homes, apartments and businesses may vary with the accessibility of the repair site. The average flooring repair in a single family home can be completed for $281. since tools and materials can generally be moved and staged easily. Limited access, multiple flights of stairs, and lack of work space for your contractor may complicate flooring repairs in apartments and businesses. Fixing a damaged apartment floor costs an average of $392. while the added scheduling requirements needed to accommodate employees and clients contribute to average costs of $507 at commercial locations.

Flooring Materials

Repair techniques vary with flooring materials, and the skills and tools required for the job may be trade-specific. Your contractor can help you determine the extent of problems with your floor and plan for appropriate repairs. Average project prices are heavily influenced by the type of floor covering, with repairs to damaged or blemished carpet costing $214. compared to $307 for laminates, $362 for wood, $211 for vinyl, $347 for tile, and $439 for stone flooring.

Repairing Problems with Carpet

Carpet problems can range from stains and discolorations to tears, exposed seams, and lumps or wrinkles. While stains can often be removed by a cleaning contractor, discolorations due to fading or chemical exposure may require dyeing by a carpet professional. Advanced repairs such as mending, re-stretching, and dyeing should be completed by a qualified carpet installer, and may cost between $136 and $314 .

Fixing Laminate Floors

Superficial stains, burns, and scratches on laminate floors can often be repaired with fillers and cost as little as $144. but correcting other common issues may involve replacing damaged sections of flooring. More substantial repairs to cracked, warped, buckled, or loose laminate may cost up to $561. depending on the extent of damage.

Making Repairs to Wood Floors

Wood floors suffer similar types of damage and wear than other surfaces, but repair procedures can vary with the size of the problem area and the overall condition of the floor, and generally cost between $216 and $647. Like laminates, some small surface blemishes can be filled, while extensive damage may call for the replacement of a section of planks. Many wood floor repairs require sanding and refinishing to restore the surface of the material. If the finish of the existing floor cannot be matched or if the area to refinish is sizable, your contractor may recommend sanding, staining, and sealing the entire floor to provide a consistent finish.

Repairing Problems with Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Repair Cost Redbeacon

Vinyl provides a durable and economical flooring options with a limitless choice of styles to suit your home. Common repairs to vinyl flooring range from adhering loose seams to patching damaged sections, and cost from $102 to $318. nationally. The difficulty of your vinyl repair may be influenced by the style of your flooring, since replacing sections of vinyl tile or plank may be simpler than cutting and fitting a patch for vinyl sheet material.

Fixing Damaged Tile and Stone Flooring

Depending on the material, stains and discolorations in tile and stone floors can often be resolved with professional cleaning, and minor cracks and chips in tile and stone floors can be repaired with fillers. Broken or severely damaged tiles typically are removed and replaced in order to restore the surface of the floor. Depending on the extent of repairs, tile materials, and size of the affected area, repairing damaged tile or stone floors may cost between $228 and $714 .

Availability of Repair Materials

Though minor blemishes in most flooring materials can be repaired with surface treatments, many restorations call for replacement of some section of material. The availability of matching material can influence the expense of the project, since the time needed to locate or prepare material may add to repair costs. If you have extra pieces of your original laminate, wood, vinyl, or tile on hand, your contractor will be better able to match the finish of your floor economically, with repair rates that average $256. If he must supply replacement materials, the job may cost $407. since extra preparation may be needed to suit the style and finish of your floor.

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