Flooring Materials — Flooring Options

Flooring Materials - Flooring Options

Flooring Materials

We walk around all day on every type of flooring material imaginable — yet we hardly ever give a second glance to the flooring beneath our feet. Unless that is, that it stands out and grabs us by the eyeballs and shouts «Look at me!»

If you are considering you flooring options, below is a summary of each of the main flooring materials.

Spend a little time getting to know the different types of flooring materials available here before making any decisions about what flooring company to use — you will never regret it!

Common Flooring Solutions

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, if installed properly, is a fantastic flooring option and can be every bit as beautiful as a full solid wood floor. Installation is critical however, so take a look at our «How to install laminate flooring» guide.

Laminate Flooring is made by a high process procedure, which fuses or glues together a sandwich of materials. The top surface has traditionally been wood, but these days just about any flooring material finish can be emulated, even marble or ceramic tiles. The strips of laminate often have an edge that clicks together and pulls itself to the next plank, ensuring that there are no unsightly gaps, as is often the case with badly laid traditional wood flooring material.

For a top quality end finish to laminate flooring pre-planning is essential. An uneven sub surface will result in your laminate flooring creaking and squeaking, so this is one floor that you should not rush into laying. However, done right laminate flooring material is a cheaper and often indistinguishable option . more .

Carpet Flooring

Carpet is such a versatile flooring material that it probably deserves a site all of its own.

Today’s stain protected carpets can be used just about anywhere with little worry of permanent damage occurring. There are more patterns, textures and styles available than ever before and this makes the final choice even more difficult.

There are many different types of the traditional loop pile now available. Cut pile, level loop, multilevel, cut and loop being just a few. more .

Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring encompasses Cork. Linoleum. Rubber and Vinyl. Originally bought as a flooring material because of their value for money, these days modern technology has enabled a wider range of styles and patterns than has ever been possible to be offered to the general public.

Vinyl can be produced that looks just like wood or slate, can be mixed with other materials to incorporate borders and motifs or can even be custom made to your own preference. Rubber continues to gain popularity with consumers and manufacturers are responding with a greater range than ever before. Cork is a wonderfully warm and sensual material and if treated properly can last as well as any flooring material while linoleum has come a long way from the old cracked and peeling examples that used to frequent kitchens of yesteryear. more .

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a firm favorite and most popular for living areas.

A huge variety is available, from softwood to hardwood flooring, pine to oak. Available as pre-finished, unfinished, reclaimed, veneered, laminated, solid, parquet, planked, there is a huge range available. Wood floors also compliment other flooring solutions well.

Area rugs are often utilised with wood floors, they give an air of warmth and class that perhaps the wood floor can’t provide on it’s own but certainly is not compulsory. more .

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring provides a natural flooring material that can be one of the most stunning features in a house. Granite, marble or natural slate provides a luxury surface that does not have to be as expensive as one would first imagine.

It can be highly polished or rough finished for a pre-aged effect. Also used for bathroom and kitchen surfaces it has a timeless appeal that can satisfy anyone’s taste.

Colors of marble and granite flooring available are almost limitless, from black to white and everything in between. There is heavily veined classic stone and softer more subtle stone available. more .

Tile Flooring

Tiled flooring comes in many varieties, some standard and some more obscure. The main types available are mosaic tiles, terracotta tiles, ceramic floor and wall tiles, glass tiles, porcelain tiles and metal tiles.

There is a major difference between floor and wall tiles and the two should not be mixed up. Floor tiles are generally thicker and are not as porous as wall tiles. Floor tiles obviously have to be stronger, so are denser and hence more expensive than an equivalent wall tile. more .

Specialty Flooring

Here we find industrial materials used in alternative ways to produce some really beautiful and stunning floors.

Materials such as leather, steel and concrete can be used to accentuate a building or room’s features to the full.

As techniques have improved over the years for manipulating these materials, so uses have been found that maximise their unique character and appeal. Leather is durable and completely natural, turning an otherwise ordinary room into a special feature.

It has the advantage that laid as tiles, each one is different, adding to the uniqueness of the situation. Concrete can now be manipulated to form shapes and colorings that was not previously possible, steel flooring can be used on it’s own or to compliment other materials, breaking up what would normal be a monotonous floor and turning into an eye-catching adornment to a room. more .

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