Flooring Installation DIY How to Stencil a Great Looking Wood Floor Flooring

Flooring Installation DIY  How to Stencil a Great Looking Wood Floor Flooring

Flooring Installation DIY How to Stencil a Great Looking Wood Floor

How to Stencil a Great Looking Wood Floor

By Thomas Kerrin

Wood flooring has a great many advantages, and one of the best is the fact that the surface can be dressed up to express your own personal taste and style. Stenciling a wood floor is a great way to make a real impression and provide visitors and residents alike with a beautiful floor to enjoy. In addition, stenciling the wood floor is a great way to cover up those inevitable scratch and scuff marks that can accompany such floors.

Stenciling a wood floor is not as difficult as you might think, but it is important to plan for the job and take a step by step approach.

The steps needed to stencil a great looking wood floor include:

1. Plan the design. The first step is to plan the type of design you want, and measure the dimensions of the floor to be stenciled. A piece of graph paper can be used to design the stenciled floor so it will be easier to transfer that design to the finished floor.

2. The next step is to create a cutout and stencil for the central design. If using a ready made stencil, the design can be copied onto the vellum or onto stencil paper, and then cut out using a craft knife.

3. After the stencil has been cut out, it is time to remove the old finish from the floor. Many floors have more than one layer of finish, so it may be necessary to strip away more than one layer.

4. The next step is to snap chalk lines onto the floor, following the pattern that has been drawn on the graph paper. It is important to have a helper who can hold the line in place while it is snapped. A t-square and yardstick can be used to make sure the lines are parallel or perpendicular to the walls.

5. After the chalk line is in place, it is time to tape off the section for staining. If there is to be a central design, spray the stencil paper or vellum with an adhesive and carefully place that section on to the floor. Use blue painters tape to mark the outside lines of the section to be stained. This will help protect the rest of the floor.

Flooring Installation DIY  How to Stencil a Great Looking Wood Floor Flooring

6. After the section has been marked off, it can be stained, using a soft cloth to stain the chosen section. The cloth can be dipped into the stain and then rubbed into the wood. Be sure to hold the vellum design in the center when staining near the edges, and allow the stain to dry completely before removing the tape and the vellum.

7. If a central design has been chosen, it is now time to stain that central design. This can be done using either a ready made stencil or a hand drawn one. Begin by spraying the stencil with adhesive and then use one color stain at a time, being sure to tape off the other areas to protect them from the stain as you work.

8. After the central design is in place, the rest of the floor can be stained. If there are repeating sections, blue painters tape can be used to mark off the borders of each section of the floor.

9. The final step is to seal the floor, using a quality wood seal. After the seal has been applied and allowed to dry, the only other thing to do is stand back and admire your hand stenciled masterpiece.

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