Flooring FAQs from Armstrong

Flooring FAQs from Armstrong


Note: Not all retailers carry all products. Check with your retailer for availability.

Q: Where can I find pricing on your material/can I buy directly from Armstrong?

A: Armstrong does not sell any products directly to the consumer, so we cant offer any sort of pricing. We have distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada who distribute our products to individual flooring dealers. For pricing information and to purchase materials, please contact a local retailer in your area.

If you would like to get an estimate for the type of floor you have in mind, use our online project estimator .

Q: If I have an issue with my floor, what do I do?

A: Go back to the flooring dealer where the material was purchased. We do not have individual representatives to inspect your floor. We rely on our flooring dealers who are trained and authorized to inspect our floors for us. You will need your sales receipt to show your proof of purchase. From your receipt, the flooring dealer should be able to identify the name and model number of your floor. If you do not have a receipt, we will be unable to assist you with an inspection or claim.

If you purchased your home through a builder, the builder should be able to provide you with the name of the flooring dealer where the material was purchased. Contact this dealer to file your claim.

If your problem is a warranty issue, the dealer will submit a claim form to Armstrong. However, if the problem is the result of an installation or on-site related issue, it would not be covered under our warranty.

Even if your floor was not installed by the dealer you purchased it from, the dealer is still responsible for starting the inspection process. If the dealer does not know what to do, please have them contact Armstrong. If the flooring dealer where your floor was purchased is no longer in business, please contact our customer service department, and we will assist you.

Q: Can I install my floor on the wall or as a backsplash?

A: Alterna & Alterna Reserve are recommended for installation on vertical surfaces, such as wall coverings or backsplashes.

Q: Can I use a non-Armstrong adhesive with an Armstrong product?

A: We do not test other manufacturer’s products and cannot warrant their use or performance. Any endorsement or warranty for that product would be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer of that particular product.

Q: Can I use a non-Armstrong maintenance product on my Armstrong floor?

Flooring FAQs from Armstrong

A: Since we do not manufacture the product and have not tested it, we dont recommend its use with our floors. If you choose to use a non-Armstrong maintenance or cleaning product and you have an issue, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of that product for recommendations on how to resolve it.

Q: If I use non-Armstrong installation products with my Armstrong floor, will this impact the warranty on my floor?

A: Yes. Armstrong floors and Armstrong installation products and accessories are specifically formulated and engineered to work together. As a result, when they are used as a system, we stand by our AGIS (Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System) warranty. We warrant the system (floor, installation products and accessories) and would repair or replace the system if a defect were to occur.

When our floor is installed along with products that are not Armstrong installation products, we warrant only our flooring product. In turn, the other manufacturers are responsible for their products’ performance and warranty.

Q: How should I remove my existing resilient floor?

A: Currently, Armstrong does not participate in the flooring removal business. Contact the Resilient Floor Covering Institute for the recommended work practices of flooring and adhesive removal. They have a video and booklet available that contain recommendations and information on local ordinances.

Resilient Floor Covering Institute

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