Flooring and Carpeting carpet padding squeak, carpet padding, hard wood floors

Flooring and Carpeting carpet padding squeak, carpet padding, hard wood floors

Flooring and Carpeting /carpet padding squeak


Expert: Al Hanzal — 5/8/2005



When I walk on certain areas of the carpet the padding squeaks. The carpeting is two years old. There are two rooms and a large walk in closet that have carpeting and there are spots in each room and the closet that have squeaks when one walks on the carpeting.

It is not coming from the wood flooring that lies underneath the carpet. One can repeatively create the squeaks by standing on one foot and using light weight and sometimes having to use more weight on ones other foot to press on the carpet until the padding squeaks.

In one area screws and in another area nails were used to tack down the carpeting. In these immediate spots it corrected the squeak but created dimpling or pits in the carpeting. Areas next to this area then began to squeak.

In the other room there is one area where the carpeting is clearly loose as there is an elevated area or a buckle or perhaps a wrinkle. There is no obvious wrinkle in the other room in the carpeting.

Although I may be wrong, my impression is that the carpet was improperly stretched. It’s not clear to me though why the padding squeaks. The padding is tacked down with staples as near the entrance to a bathroom one can elevate the carpeting and see the padding below. Is it because there is air between the padding and the carpeting and when one walks on it it somehow creates a squeak?

I live in an apartment which is a group of three warehouse buildings with cement ceilings and cement and brick walls that was converted to apartment living. Most of the apartment has hard wood floors and just the bedrooms and their walk in closets have carpeting. Below the carpeting is wood flooring and that is not squeaking. It is the padding interaction somehow with the carpeting that is producing the squeak.

The maintenance crew is puzzled by the squeaks and tried to repair the squeaks with screws and nails but with the carpet dimpling making it look awful I asked then to find another method or replace the carpeting.

The apartment management would like to get more years out of the carpeting rather than replacing it. The carpeting in one of the rooms does have an ink stain. The stain is slightly larger than size of a typical watch battery but smaller than the size of a dime and is obvious as it is black or blue on a whitish baige colored carpeting. The other room had some stains and they improved the look with a carpet steam/cleaning machine. It’s not looking new but it has improved. There is wear in some areas mostly the edges near the entrance and exits of rooms.

Approximately what would it cost the apartment to get a professional to restretch the carpeting if that would cure the squeaks versus replacing the padding or the carpeting? What are your thoughts on the cause of squeaks and the options for correcting them without making the carpet all puckered?

Thanks in advance for insight into what makes a carpet and it’s padding squeak and what one does to correct the squeaks.


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For your questions. It could always be the wood floor underneath the carpet. It it is a cement building, at some point it probably had wood subfloor added to it. If the wood floor is not properly attached to the cement floor or joists, then you can get the squeeks.

Even with that being said, I had several jobs where the padding is bad. Many pads today have a coating added to them. That is baked on a a certain temperature. Too much heat, not enough adhesive or a variety of combinations forces the coating on the pad to come loose from the pad itself. I have several jobs where the carpet had to be pulled back and new pad installed. The store was reimbursed from the pad company for this cost. Your problem sound like a similar issue. Often times, because if will affect a wider variety of jobs, the pad companies know when they have gotten a bad batch of pad. The store can go to the pad company and have them paid for the pull up, new pad and a restretch.

It does also sound like you did not receive the best installation witht the wrinkles. That is problably not the cause of your squeeking.

So you have three potentials, squeeky sub floor—apartment owner’s responsibility; bad pad—pad manufacturer’s responsibility; poor installation—store responsibilty.

In cases like yours, we got the key actors involved so we could produce a workaable solution for the customers.

Hope this anaylsis helps.

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