Flooring — A Comparison Of The Most Popular Types Of Floor

Flooring - A Comparison Of The Most Popular Types Of Floor

Created from the richest, heartiest clay that has been gathered from deep within the earth

and then fired to an intense perfection, evidence exists that this kind of ceramic tile

embellished the personal abodes of the ancient Greeks as well as the Romans. Now, even

in todays world, the special art form of such floor tile persists.

Ceramic tiles exhibit charismatic textures, vibrant tones and a natural elegance. Tile

flooring presents an affordable option that results in some of the most striking visual appeal

giving each of your rooms a sumptuous charm as well as reflecting your own personal

character. On the negative side of tile floors, they may chip or shatter if something is

dropped on them. Unless properly sealed the grout may become incredibly marred or

stained. Those who like to walk barefoot on tile floors report that on cold days, the tile is

unbearably cold, and if theres even the hit of wetness, the chances of suffering from a bad

slip are much better on tile than most other flooring.

Assessing the total cost of putting down tile in your home is relatively easy with the use of

this formula: Length x Width + Waste = Amount of tile needed. Waste is figured by the

amount of cuts that will be necessary in order to make the tile fit around corners, toilets and

other built-ins. A good rule of thumb is to figure approximately 10-15% waste. Left over tile

can always be used to fix any that become chipped or broken though use.

Tile runs anywhere from $0.99 per square foot, to as high as $4.00 a square foot. Thinset,

which is what glues the tile onto the floor runs about $0.15 to $0.30 a square foot. Grout,

which is what goes between each tile, will cost you about $0.15 per square foot, thus the

low estimate will be approximately $1.29 per square foot and the high estimate will come to

approximately $4.45 per square foot.


Interestingly enough carpet is able to hold a significant quantity of dust and soil, etc.

without actually appearing very dirty.

Carpeting is comfortable to walk upon barefoot and best yet is warm underfoot on cold

days. Also, because of its thermal resistance, carpeting can lend a very high insulation

factor to your home, thereby reducing the cost of either air conditioning or heating.

The cost of carpeting is figured by the square yard. Measure your rooms and multiply the

Length by the Width to give you the square footage. Take that number and divide it by 9

and this will give you the square yard of each room you wish to carpet. Then take into

account waste or overage. Most estimators use 20% but that may run higher if your carpet

needs to be matched to a design or if seaming will be impossible. Good carpets usually run

about $25 to $30 a square yard. Keep in mind that youll also need to add the same square

yard cost for the padding and perhaps installation. There is less waste in padding so your

square yard estimate will differ a bit. I cannot give you an estimate for padding here, as

padding differs greatly in cost by thickness and weight.

The negatives of having carpet are staining, molding, and the fact that a carpet is capable

of retaining odors. Also, if used where the sun may shine on it frequently, it will lose color.


Laminate flooring, sometimes referred to as Pergo, is an ultra-durable manufactured good

that has the looks of real wood or perhaps a stone floor. But it’s much less costly than the

real thing, is also much easier to install and will last a lot longer. Laminate flooring will

offer the beauty of real hardwood floors or stone tile, however it is approximately two-thirds

the cost. If it is properly cared for, you will get years and years of beautiful laminate

flooring. It is easy to clean, and is very sun resistant. Its hard underfoot, is slippery, and if

pieces of it are damaged, it must be replaced as its not sandable nor refinishable.


Cost wise wood floors are available for little money. For instance at the moment, 3/8X3

caramel maple finished wood flooring is available at $1.79 per square foot. Wood is dense

and very resilient. Colors in wooden floors can fade, but they are refinishable as well as

sandable. It is available in many colors and in high, medium or low gloss. Waste is

negligible in installation. Usually a wood floor requires the purchase of craft paper as well to

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