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 Engineered hardwood floors -

Engineered hardwood floors

How many of us have the hope to have hardwood floors in our house instead of the awful looking carpet that we have had to endure for ages? This is a dream of many but so few discover it because they are scared to pay the high price for it. The better substitute to the real thing is to buy something that appears and similar to it but is not as costly.

Engineered hardwood floors are a an exceptional alternative to anybody who desires to save money when buying different flooring. This type of flooring is accessible in unique tones and is constructed to be more tough and stable then the proper thing. It might not be waterproof but it can hold up against heat and moisture easier than many floors thanks to its several core layers.

As with any kind of flooring that you have put in in your house you need to understand how to maintain it and keep it looking brand new every day. Cleaning engineered hardwood floors can be difficult and should be done cautiously. Numerous individuals will handle them like they are the real thing and will employ the standard hardwood cleaners on them.

Many of these wood cleansers should not be used because they have particular ingredients that will get rid of the finish from the surface of the floors. This finish is rather critical because it will screen the floor and keep its glow from fading. You will only have the ability to refinish these kinds of floors a few times before replacing them.

The simplest solution you are able to use is warm water blended with a few drops of household cleansers. This is gentle to utilise on the floors to remove dirt and stains. Just remember that you will want to dry it as soon as you are finished. These engineered hardwood floors are not waterproof. When large quantities of water is left on it for long periods of time it will soak it up and enlarge.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can anyone tell me how to do a glue-down installation of Tarkett engineered wood flooring?

The web site says the the interlocking wood floor cannot be installed as a floating floor if over 250 sq meters. But, the Tarkett website is very poor and does not give good information. Also, if doing a floating floor in the engineered flooring, how should I handle the hard points such as stair nose to floor interface?


I used Tarkett vinyl tile about a decade or so ago in an apartment. it wasnt cut exactly right so the tiles creeped as they were installed and didnt wear worth a damn and had to quickly be replaced. Just a bit of a warning. Good luck with it.


can anyone recommend a brand of heating to use under engineered wood flooring?

we are installing bamboo flooring (engineered wood-click and lock) and would like areas to be heated over our concrete slab. anyone have any recommendations. any experience with this. thanks!

matting that could be unrolled between the insulation and the flooring. or any recommendations??

I have concrete slab right now with carpeting that will be removed. (and laminate in the kitchen that is prob glued to the concrete directly the insulation and flooring will probably go over the laminate without being lifted.

 Engineered hardwood floors -


Sun Touch electric system is the only way I know to do this. w/o tearing out a lot of concrete and adding a boiler system. You ll have to lay the system you want out ( or more than one mat). They come in several different sizes. After they are rolled out into place you ll have to pour a self leveling compound over it all to make the whole area flat .

Then after the compound dries for several days ( it dries to walk on in 6/12 hrs or so) you can lay the wood .

Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed several 100,000 s/f. GL


Are minute gaps in laying engineered wood flooring on a slab?

I am laying 5 1/2 inch Thomasville Mahagony Engineered wood flooring. Occasionally I do not get them as snug as I would like, but most of the time it is a nice fit. Is this ok, or should I panic?


the gaps should be there to allow for expansion, and contraction of the slab

When installing engineered wood flooring do you lay it down before or after installing a shower/bathtub?

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