Emergency Water Damage Repair, Water Damage Restoration Services

Emergency Water Damage Repair, Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Repair And Restoration

24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage repair and restoration requires immediate attention, Minutes Count and Details Matter. Kiwi Services has been providing professional flood and water damage work for over 27 years. Water damage can be devastating and drying of carpet and floors from water should be done as soon as possible by experienced certified professionals. Our emergency technician teams are standing by 24/7 and will be dispatched immediately. They will start performing the work as soon as they get your approval. All of our water damage work comes with a one year guarantee.

Certified by The Institute of Cleaning and Restoration, view our certification here .

Water Damage And Flood Recovery Emergency From Kiwi

We work with your insurance company for billing of the water damage service.

All water damage repairs are guaranteed for one year.

You receive our famous one year warranty on all the carpet that we clean.

27 years of experience in water damage and restoration.

Our company and technicians are Certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

Dallas, TX Water Damage Hotline: (214) 379-4985

Houston, TX Water Damage Hotline: (713) 595-0405

Phoenix, AZ Water Damage Hotline: (602) 419-3581

Atlanta, GA Water Damage Hotline: (770) 573-6081

Austin, TX Water Damage Hotline: (512) 697-2575

Fort Worth, TX Water Damage Hotline: (817) 585-5960

Denver, CO Water Damage Hotline: (303) 776-5494

Water Damage Repair

The Kiwi Water Damage Repair and Water Damage Restoration team has the equipment and 25+ years of experience necessary to handle even your worst flood problems from simple carpet flood damage repair to total water damage restoration that includes content drying and mold removal. Not only is the Kiwi water damage team trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, our crew is familiar with the inherent differences in homeowner needs from region to region. Repairs fromHouston Water Damage can be far different from an Atlanta Water Damage Repair service. For instance, Phoenix water emergency help can often require tile and laminate removal, upholstery cleaning for water damaged furniture and mold removal. Atlanta water damage may include more carpet removal — just like Dallas Water Damage and Phoenix water damage usually follows patterns more consistent with weather-related flooding.

You want an emergency water damage repair team that you can trust. Kiwi’s Water Damage Crew has been helping restore the homes of water damage victims since 1987. So, whether your toilet overflows and creates water damage or your Atlanta water damage comes from flooding in rainstorms, Kiwi is your partner in restoration.

Immediate Water Damage Response, 24 hours a day, 7 days

Whether your emergency call is for complete Houston water damage repair, minor toilet overflow Atlanta water damage cleaning, or Phoenix wall and content drying water damage, Kiwi’s team is standing by always on the ready for repairs and restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even holidays! Prompt response by experienced and trained flood carpet repair teams is absolutely critical in your water damage recovery. Without immediate response to calls, homes can take on structural damage and property can become irrecoverable.

The Kiwi Water Damage Repair Help

From the minute our Water Damage Restoration team enters the home, we concentrate on safely drying and disinfecting all the areas and property that has been flooded or damaged by water and rain. By focusing on drying and deodorizing, disinfecting and recovery, we’re able to transform water

Heavy Duty Water Damage Repair

You can expect your Kiwi Water Damage Response Team to be equipped with a wide range of equipment from High-Speed Air Blowers, for moving air across and within walls, to industrial-grade dehumidifiers, that help regulate temperature humidity and air movement to avoid warping and size changes in walls and floors. We also use commercial disinfecting and deodorization products to stop and kill the growth of mold, mildew, spores, fungus and more that is usually right on the tail of a major flood incident. Large, powerful water pumps are used to remove standing water.

Water Damage Equipment

At Kiwi we use the finest water extraction equipment available to handle all your water damage needs including commercial heavy-duty repairs, using specialized equipment tools such as high speed air blowers and industrial strength dehumidifiers. To increase air circulation and flow we use powerful blowers, and come back to monitor temperature and humidity, and to sanitize and dry the walls of your homes, so you can go back to life as normal before your flood, or water damage.

Water Damage recovery Services

Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Austin, Phoenix

There are three kinds of floodswhose type is determined by the type of water which has done the damage.

Type I Clean water flood (Water heater, fresh water pipe)

Type II Dirty water flood (city wide flood)

Type III Black water flood (sewage)

Since 1987, our emergency team has been restoring homes from water damage. Kiwi will be your partner in repairing and restoring your home from water damage. In Dallas, Atlanta or Houston our water damage repair and restoration services are comprehensive. Our service involves a thorough five-step process that consists of water extraction, drying of walls and content, storing personal items, cleaning air ducts, and restoring wood floors. We will help you prevent any long-term structural damage to your house and property by taking immediate action. We also serve: Plano. Frisco. Garland, Highland Park, Irving Allen, Denton, McKinney

Emergency Water Damage Repair, Water Damage Restoration Services

and many other Texas cities.

Water Extraction

Our service technicians will extract the water, sanitize and deodorize your carpet, clean your carpet, plus you get our famous carpet cleaning warranty.

Water Damage to Rugs

If your rugs get water damage or you need rug repairs dyeing, re-weaving, or re-fringing our Rug Cleaning and Restoration team of professionals can come to the rescue and take care of your valuable rugs. We would be glad to give you a free quote on your water damaged rugs. Call us today for immediate help.

Drying the water quickly is even more important when it comes to rugs

If your rugs are wet due to water damage, they need to be dried quickly to prevent discoloration. We carefully dry rugs out flat to prevent stretching fibers or migrating color. We will also disinfect the rug to prevent mold from developing.

Drying Water Damaged Walls and Content

Recognizing that quick drying is the most critical stage of addressing water damage, at Kiwi, we will dry and clean, as well as test for mold and mildew and treat for bacterial growth in the home. This gets your carpet and home sanitized after a water damage or flood.

Storing of Personal Items

We also temporarily will store your personal items safely for you during our water damage repair treatments as long as necessary to return your home to a safe living condition. Our Kiwi team will pick up your possessions and deliver them safely back to you.

Restoration of Water Damaged Wood Floors

If your wood floor has water damaged our company will also professionally restore your water damaged wood floors. When flooding happens, damage occurs quickly, with devastating consequences. Dont wait. Call us now and we will send out our repair team to help you right away. Our service technicians will be ready to answer your questions, schedule an appointment, or come to your home immediately.

Water Damage Service

When we walk into a home which has sustained flood damage the customer will be depending on our advice, recommendations and quality of service. Because of the nature of floods and its related water damages, more than likely the customer may feel a sense of desperation. The point here is that it is important that we are communicating with the customer in a sensitive and caring way.Water damage occurs for many reasons. It could be something as simple as a broken pipe or water heater. On the other hand it could be something more serious like a city wide flood, an overflowing creek or river, or roof damage caused by severe weather.

Kiwi water damage and restortion service centers

Atlanta Water Damage: (770) 573-6081

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