Eco-Friendly Niemanns American Flooring

Eco-Friendly Niemanns American Flooring


At Niemann’s American Flooring, Green is the way to go, even when it comes to the flooring option you select for your home. There are many environmentally responsible flooring products available to homeowners today, and the popularity of eco-friendly flooring is sky-rocketing. A flooring option is considered »green» if it utilizes recyclable or renewable materials, promotes high indoor air quality, is manufactured in an eco-responsible way, and has a long overall lifespan. Niemann’s American Flooring offers many styles and brands of sustainable flooring options. Green flooring options don’t sacrifice style – the variety of eco-friendly flooring options can work with any interior decorating theme. At Niemann’s American Flooring, 100% of all carpet cushions we use are recycled, and all carpet is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when removed. We keep all removed carpet cushions out of Southern Illinois landfills. That is our promise.

Cork Flooring

As a harvested resource, cork makes an excellent eco-friendly flooring option. Cork floors are made from the leftover material from the manufacturing of wine stoppers, and finished with a durable and resilient coating. Since cork flooring is a product that is considered both renewable and recyclable, it gets high marks from green flooring experts. Homeowners and designers also praise cork flooring for its versatility, durability, and hypoallergenic features. At Niemann’s American Flooring we carry many cork flooring options at both our Marion and Murphysboro flooring centers.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring are one of the most popular green flooring options. It gets its eco-friendly stamp of approval because it is made from a rapidly renewing resource that matures quickly and regenerates without replanting. Topped with a polyurethane coating, the green attributes of bamboo flooring are enhanced by its durability and design flexibility. Come in to our Niemann’s American Flooring stores to see for yourself the benefits of Bamboo flooring options!

Linoleum Floors

A long-standing green flooring option, linoleum flooring has always had many eco-friendly characteristics. It is made from abundant natural materials, can be recycled, and is fully bio-degradable. It’s a lower-cost green flooring option, and is available in a large variety of floor colors and patterns. Vinyl and Linoleum flooring options from Niemann’s American Flooring will change the way Southern Illinois thinks about Vinyl and Linoleum flooring options.

Hardwood Flooring

Some hardwood flooring meets green flooring standards, and consumers should look closely at brands and certification labels to determine if a wood floor is made from sustainable materials and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Green hardwood floors have all the benefits of less environmentally friendly wood floor products – beauty, style and a popular choice among decorators. Hardwood flooring in Southern Illinois can mean only one thing, Niemann’s American Flooring. Come check out our available hardwood flooring options in our flooring stores.

Before You Buy

Other eco-friendly flooring options exist, such as certain carpet and ceramic floor products. The green flooring experts at Niemann’s American Flooring can help you evaluate all the green flooring options available for your home improvement or remodeling project. Niemann’s American Flooring – Proudly serving the Southern Illinois area. Contact us today for a free green, eco-friendly flooring consultation!

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