Earth friendly wood floors Floors for Living

earth friendly wood floors Floors for Living

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Heavenly Red Oak Floors

Hi Mark!

Just wanted to say that we are thrilled with our new red oak floors from VT Plank Floors.  We took your advice and used Waterlox in a three coat system.  Positively beautiful.  Third coat was applied just about a week ago and what a fabulous look it provides. Took me a day and a half to sand with the U-Sand machine to ease my way from 60 to 120 grade paper. A little more time consuming than the drum sander but that machine is far more forgiving in less experienced hands and can reach into more areas.

Thank you for a very fine flooring product. Our Red Oak looks stunning and the grain really is displayed in all its majesty with t he application of the Waterlox.  Your assistance with product review, ordering and recommendation for finishing has helped u s create the look and feel that we so wanted in our new home!  Thank you very much.  We know countless people will now feel the warmth and character that you helped make possible.

Enjoy the photos and hope they can be helpful in

displaying your product which now appears alongside Vermont Soapstone Counters from Perkinsville. Trying to keep as much business local and traditionally Vermont as possible.

Rhode Island Home Ready for Vermont Plank Flooring

Sustainable Wide Plank Solid Wood Floors

Wikipedia defines sustainability as the capacity to endure. The term has its roots in ecology. Wikipedia continues, The word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over (long periods of) time. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. For humans, sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Sustainability has become a very popular aspect of todays lifestyles and has expanded to virtually every aspect of societyincluding flooring. Sustainability is also closely related to another popular trend, that of buying localas buying local helps sustain out communities and our lifestyles and minimizes the amount of energy (embedded energy ) it takes to make and deliver products to consumers. It also is closely tied to the green trend as local+sustainable (has been proven to) = green.

Another important aspect of your floor selection is how well it insulates your space and how comfortable it is. Does it allow the use of radiant heat? Can it be installed over existing concrete floors? Will it remain stable (and flat) for generations? Does it add value to your home? Interestingly enough, these questions also relate closely to sustainability.

Red Oak Wide Plank Solid Wood Floor

earth friendly wood floors Floors for Living

Most customers have a limited knowledge of the varieties of wood floors that are available to them. Many dont know or consider the amount of energy it takes to make each type of  floor and to get the floors to their homes or businesses. This energy and is something everyone will need to consider more and more in the coming years as the cost of energy continues to increase. But most importantlyit determines, in many cases, the difference between a floor that will last a generation or three (A.K.A sustainable)and one that will be worn out as soon as the first time the walls need to be repainted.

From carpets, to laminates, to engineered, to solid wood (both strip and wide plank)flooring options range from cheap to easily installed (and thrown away) to green to floors that will last several lifetimes and many more options in between. Depending on your needsits important to consider them all before you buy.

Ash Wide Plank Solid Wood Flooring

offers a helpful comparison between solid wood floors and laminates. Natural hardwood floors enhance the overall value of your home. Real estate ads will always include mention if the house has natural hardwood floors, because the lasting value of these floors far surpasses the laminate wood flooring alternative. Keep in mind, too, that laminate flooring is not guaranteed to last the entire life of a homes mortgage. This can be a pitfall if youre trying to sell.

The Green Building Floor Library offers a good overview of floors that we suggest you consider before you purchase. It helps dispel some of todays more tradition viewpoints that arent necessarily true.

For example, bamboo floorsconsidered very green, primarily due to the rapid regrowth of the bamboo tree, actually have a very high embedded energy due to where they grow (primarily Asia) and the amount of energy it takes to ship them. Stone and tile floors are also interesting studies. Most consider them very sustainable due to the seemingly endless supply of the earths resources needed to make them (e.g. sand). However, their weight alone adds greaty to the cost of shipping and a large majority of the floors come from Asia or Europeagain increasing the transportation costs.

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