DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

Personalize your home with accessories youve made yourself such as, for example, a DIY floor lamp or a tripod lamp. Theyre easy to make, useful and amongst the most popular types of home accessories. You could, of course, just buy a lamp. But why miss the opportunity of adding a personal touch to your homes décor? Here are 15 ideas to choose from.

Hockey Stick Floor Lamp.

There are lots of things you can use for building a floor lamp. A hockey stick is one of them. Heres what you have to do: buy a cheap and simple floor lamp and replace the rod with the hockey stick. Youll have to measure it first and make it fit..


To make a rustic floor lamp you can use an old lantern. Wire the lantern and give it a makeover if you want. A fresh coat of spray paint should be enough. Then build the rest of the lamp. You can use leftover pieces of wood to make a a sturdy base..


Wooden floor lamps are particularly interesting because each one is unique. Heres a simple idea: a floor lamp with a tree stump slice as a base and a branch as a rod. Mark where you want the rod to go, drill a hole and glue the pieces together. Then drill a hole through the branch to insert the copper pipe through..

Combined with a bedside.

You can save space by combining two elements in one. This is both a floor lamp and a bedside table. Take a simple bedside table and drill a hole for the cord to go through. Fix the baluster to the tabletop with glue and then add the lampshade and the bulb..

Old books.

Decorate an already existing floor lamp to make it look more interesting. An unusual idea can be to take bunch of books and drill holes through each of them. Then take apart the lamp and insert the books onto the rod. It will definitely be a conversation piece..

Industrial lamp.

This floor lamp has an industrial design and, although it may seem complex, its not that difficult to make. Its made of an old tomato cage. Its not something you see every day and it definitely has a dramatic impact on the rooms décor..


How about a pipe lamp? Its a great opportunity to use your imagination and create something unique. First collect various kinds of pipes and then spray paint them. Youll also need wood spindle pieces. Lay out the pieces on the floor and combine them in various ways until you get the shape you want. Run the cord through the pieces and then glue them together..


DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

Tripod floor lamps are very easy to make and this particular one has one of the simplest designs. Find 3 wooden legs for the lamp and drill a small hole through each of them. String the wire though each hole, make sure the legs are stable and rest the socket in the top cylinder. Tighten the wire and thats all..

If you want to add a modern touch to your lamp, then make it as simple as possible. You can also add some color. This one was made using a pendant cord set. Its very easy to assemble and you can also customize it with your choice of color..

You can make your own version of a designer floor lamp. This one has copper legs and a black lampshade. The lampshade can come from another lamp but you can also make one yourself..

Heres a tripod floor lamp made using an actual tripod. You also need a lamp kit for the project. Install the wires and the socket. Once youve done that, the hard part is over. Just get a lampshade and your tripod floor lamp will be complete..

This one is similar. Its a floor lamp also made using pretty much the same materials. The lampshade is different and the base looks a little different as well. Its a perfect example to show you how you can personalize each design and each project..

If you dont want it, you dont have to use a lampshade. This lamp was made using an antique tripod. A pendant socket was threaded through the top of the tripod and then the light bulb was added. Its an interesting accent piece..

This one was made using a music tripod. It has a nice patina and a little bit of rust, enough to give the lamp a rustic look. Remove the sheet music holder, attach the lamp switch to the tripod and then insert the power cable into the hollow shaft. Wire the outlet and attach the lamp switch. Then add a lampshade and youre done..

As you can see, making a tripod floor lamp is fairly easy, especially if you already have a tripod to begin with. But you can also make one using three wooden rods. Use cord or thread to keep them secure and then assemble the lamp kit..

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