Custom Wood Flooring & Kitchen Remodeling Links

Custom Wood Flooring & Kitchen Remodeling Links

Custom Wood Flooring Lends Authenticity

(ARA) — Product authenticity is the latest luxury in home design. Consumers demand more for their money, seeking quality, originality and above all the “real thing.” They want the original product that started a trend, such as a hand-made fisherman’s sweater from Ireland, a Lora Piana cashmere shawl, Todd’s driving moccasins or a Limoges platter. Authenticity is in demand in all aspects of the luxury market today.

When planning a home many people rely on interior designers and other industry professionals to help guide their choices. As consumers grow savvier, some prefer to design their own homes or add their own personal touches to display their particular style.

A custom wood floor is a great way to personalize your home design. Nothing says authentic luxury like a gorgeous wood floor, be it domestic or exotic wood. Luxury at its finest, a custom wood floor is the way to weave a thread of authenticity through your home.

Wood is truly an example of authenticity, and can completely display ultimate luxur y. This is true when starting from scratch, deciding to install a wood floor in your home where there once was none. Most people start with what species is appealing to them and what wood will wear well depending on room traffic.

Beautiful Wenge Bubinga. striking bleached and white-washed Walnut, or warm inviting American Cherry are completely different custom wood flooring looks but all exude a common vibe that is true, rich and real. Wood is natural, therefore, with the perfect balance of treatment and finish, a custom wood floor feels lavish. It is the canvas for the finest antique furniture, and the foundation that runs throughout the home tying all the rooms together. The look of a custom wood floor can be as contemporary or as old world as you want it to be, to become the base for any particular individual’s design taste.

Custom wood flooring has garnered much more interest in the past 10 years. Where carpeting or linoleum had been the standard rule in flooring in the past, wood flooring has taken the place as the alternative of choice. T. Morton & Co. Custom Wood Flooring is one of the few companies that offers home owners a wood floor that is truly their own — made to their own specifications. Choices are literally endless, from species choices such as Afrormosia, Cherry, Maple, Sapele, just to name a few, to plank width and length, surface treatments such as wire brushed or hand scraped, not to mention custom colors, finishes and character.

Custom Wood Flooring & Kitchen Remodeling Links

Epitomizing the idea of authenticity is the popular trend of using reclaimed wood. which is wood salvaged from old buildings, such as old homes, barns, and warehouses. Reclaimed wood is a great way to preserve the wood’s original character and usually is treated so that it ensures the antique look to dominate the pattern and entire look of the floor. Many choose to use reclaimed wood to create their custom wood floor to mimic what their home may have originally looked like, when renovating an older home.

Others use it as a juxtaposition in design to play on other stylings in a very modern space. There are many variables to consider, all of which help to customize your very own wood floor. making it uniquely yours, which makes it a true original, and therefore completely authentic.

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