Custom Cedar Log Homes, Luxury Cottage Floor Plans, Architectural Design Services – Town &

Custom Cedar Log Homes, Luxury Cottage Floor Plans, Architectural Design Services – Town &


SOPHISTICATED DESIGNS and the “WOW FACTOR ” in PRECISION DETAILS are the hallmark of contemporary log homes. These homes are usually customized for the client’s lifestyle and needs. Often, an ECLECTIC MIX OF BUILDING MATERIALS will be used, including a variety of wood species, stains, organic and non-organic floor finishes, paneling and exterior log sidings. Exterior log may or may not including chinking and can include a mix of log, timbered wood elements, cedar shake, brick, stucco or stone. Cathedral ceilings, expansive glass elements, lofts and balconies are common. Click here for more

TRADITIONAL cottages have a COMPACT FOOTPRINT , but elements of this style can be applied to larger residences. Signature design elements include rounded turrets, windows, doors and doorway openings. Built-in amenities such as window seats add to the cottage feel. Exterior design elements might include paned windows, cedar shake siding, bead board paneling, exposed fieldstone and trim pieces such as flower boxes or shutters. MULTI-HUED EXTERIOR FINISHES complete the look. Click here for more

SQUARE TIMBERS add visual impact to these homes that usually feature one of many styles of TIMBER ARCHES AND TRUSSES. This style originated in the early 1900s with the creation of bungalows featuring low-pitched, gabled or gambrel roofs. Town & Country incorporates those elements in our Craftsman-Timber floor plans. More highlights: large front porches, rafter tail eaves and stone elements on pillars, chimneys and foundations. Spectacular spaces are showcased by plentiful, multi-paned windows, and CUSTOM-CRAFTED TIMBERS are placed as decorative or structural members of the home. Click here for more

With UNCOMPLICATED FLOOR PLANS. log homes are ideal for those seeking lower overall square footage and a COZY ambiance. Log cabins are much SIMPLER IN DESIGN than other wooden homes, with few or no gables except at entrances. Most are a basic rectangular or square shape; occasionally, it may have a prow-shaped design. The interior layout is based on efficiency and maximizing use of space. Most have an open floor plan on the main level. If there is a second level, typically it is a loft with one or two small sleeping areas. Click here for more

Log lodge homes are most often exceptionally large homes, PICTURESQUE AND EXPANSIVE in both design and living space, with a large number of bedrooms. They require a large footprint and need to be placed on a significant piece of property to realize the full effect of this style. Large stone fireplaces, CAPACIOUS GATHERING SPACES and heavy wood paneling or siding are often preferred. Most homes will be sprawling in design with MULTIPLE LIVING LEVELS AND OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES. Exterior log finishes may be completed with or without chinking. Click here for more

Custom Cedar Log Homes, Luxury Cottage Floor Plans, Architectural Design Services – Town &

Modern homes are particularly interesting when built with wood. They can range from simple to complex and from small to sprawling. Key design elements include a broad combination of STRUCTURAL ANGLES AND ROOF LINES. glass and variable finishes. Small and large spaces are designated for unexpected uses and oftenincorporate access and egress to outdoor living spaces. Room spaces are not always square or rectangular, but rather FLOW WITH SHAPES designed to CAPTURE THE EYE. Custom window elements, mixed use of log sidings, brick, stucco and other modern exterior finishes are often considered. Click here for more

Emerging in the last few decades, mountain rustic homes are a HYBRID OF BOTH LOG AND TIMBER ELEMENTS. while INCORPORATING NATURAL, ORGANIC TEXTURES. These homes will combine log siding with timber trim, cedar shake, hewned logs with bark, rough sawn timbers and metal roofs. Rough-edged trims, reclaimed timbers of all species and distinctive, craggy roof angles abound in this style. Stone is a favored finish and design element on both interior and exterior. Clean lines are used in these moderate- to large-style homes. Click here for more

The CRAFTSMANSHIP of a Town & Country Signature home is dominant in these floor plans, which are both AWARD-WINNING and unparalleled in the log home industry.VERSATILE PLANS lend themselves toward expansion and to finishes using either log or timber elements. EYE-CATCHING FEATURES include barreled porch entrances, cedar shake gables, large king post trusses and cathedral ceilings with expansive interior cedar paneling. Homes begin at approximately 3,000 square feet. Click here for more

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