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Campbell Hardwood Floors - West San Jose - San Jose, CA Yelp

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I am regretting that I have to write this review, since I really liked Sean. He seemed like a very nice guy. Initially, we were extremely pleased with how he treated us. He was polite, responsive, on time. He came with his wife to talk through the job, and we were sure we would receive an excellent final product. He talked about how great of a quality product we would be getting from him. And even later, when we had run into problems, he promised to make up for all the problems we had encountered with his work, thanking us for the opportunity to let him react to our complaints — but in the end we simply stopped hearing from him and nothing ever happened.

Unfortunately the workmanship was very flawed. It was in stark contrast to the quality that he had advertised when he bid for the job. Boards were installed crooked, completely out of level (see pictures when you click the business name). We ended up with huge gaps in between boards, our door was damaged since he tried to trim it from the wrong side and it was never fixed, and the materials he offered to fix those problems were totally inappropriate, as if a layman selected them.

Here are a few examples:

- In numerous areas we have large and uneven gaps between single boards, as big as 1/4 where the wood wasnt cut properly by one of his employees. Sean admitted he was embarrassed to see those areas, but promised to fix them himself. However, what he came up with was to use a pinkish material as a filler that looked nothing like our wood floor. I looked at the tube, and instead of wood filler it was kitchen caulk! Pink kitchen caulk for hardwood floors. Never heard back from Sean, and we are left with these huge crooked gaps that cannot be fixed.

- Our entire hallway wood is so warped that we dont know how our new contractor will be able to tie in the remaining areas. Please look at the attached pictures.

- Sean himself tried to trim our door to adjust for the height of the new floor. However, first he mistakenly tried to cut the door from the top instead of the bottom. He left a huge saw cut along the entire top side, but he didnt tell us about it. Instead, we had to ask, and he said yeah, that was me and then promised to fix it. That didnt work, and he gave up, after trying to use a wood filler he had bought. He offered to pay to have it painted. He never did. So now we have a door with a saw cut across the top.

Campbell Hardwood Floors - West San Jose - San Jose, CA Yelp

- Sean installed wood over a trap door for our crawl space, but when he came back to install the baseboards he sealed it the door shut by mounting the base boards such that the door wouldnt open anymore.

-Our baseboard were installed with large gaps which required a lot of caulking to fill and the result is sloppy looking.

-Short pieces of wood were used frequently, when instead floors should be installed with long pieces. Seams were created right in the middle of doorways. See pictures.

-We never heard from Sean again, after according to his own words, he was embarrassed and going to take care of all of this. We had to hire someone else to finish the rest of our house.

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