Bathroom-Remodeling-hints — Laminate Wood Look Flooring

Bathroom-Remodeling-hints - Laminate Wood Look Flooring

Laminate Wood Look Flooring

choice. Just be advised though, that special installation requirements need to be met. Consult your supplier, and make it clear that your laminate flooring is intended for the bathroom. Not all laminates are created equal, and some will perform in a bathroom better than others. The problem with a laminate floor is not the surface, which may hold up very well, but underneath where water may find its way in.

So what is a laminate floor, and why are they referred to as floating floors?

Well, to explain that, first understand that hardwood floors are just that. They are made out of hardwood. Cherry, oak etc.

Laminates simply mimic wood floors. and usually have a core of medium density fiberboard or a high density wood particle core. The surface part that is visible is actually created from a photograph of a wood floor. This top visible layer is made of a very tough and durable material.

Laminate floors are referred to as floating floors because the boards are glued together, but they are not glued to the floor underneath. Some do not require glue, but lock together in a tongue and groove fashion. They are simple to install. They do take some effort in the laying process, but the task is not complicated.

Simple tools are required that most homeowners already posses. You can buy a kit with a block, bar and cushioned hammer to help with the installation, at a modes price.

For most areas of a busy household, wood laminate flooring can be a very good choice because :

  • Laminate floors can be installed over most any surface
  • Laminates are less likely to dent and scratch than other floor surfaces
  • Laminates withstand children, pets and high traffic very well
  • Laminate floors are easy to clean
  • Laminates are a good choice for those who have allergies
  • Laminate flooring does not fade
  • Laminates may better blend when it meets other flooring in your household since it is very thin
  • Major brands guarantee their products for a substantial number of years

Some people notice a slight noise when walking on laminate floors, because of their floating aspect, and possibly because of the underlayment film. I have a laminate floor that is a glue-less tongue and groove application that came with the underlayment layer attached. It has been down for more than a year, and we experience no noise, and it maintains well. I compared the installed flooring with a piece that was extra and never installed, and there is no visible difference more than a year later. Increasing the mm rating should help with sound absorption. I would not go below 8mm myself.

AC rating is important for a busy household. AC(abrasion class) rating recommends AC-3 for high traffic areas. In my experience a household that includes children and pets is qualified!

In terms of cost, laminate flooring if professionally installed, could cost as much as hardwood, but many do-it-yourselfers have successfully installed laminate flooring themselves, thus getting a great floor at a modest price.

Select a brand with good reputation, such as Pergo, and spend a little more rather than choosing just on price.

If a wood look bathroom floor is your heart’s desire, you may be able to install laminate flooring yourself if you are fairly handy. Many suppliers have videos that you can take home to view to see just what the installation process involves. Carefully follow directions to the letter so you don’t void the guarantee.

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