Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget Flooring hunter

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget Flooring hunter

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Bathrooms are essential in any home or office. It should always be pleasant and comfortable regardless of its size or location

In an earlier post we mentioned a few uber cool flooring options that would look great on any bathroom to give it a fresh appeal and appearance. However since some of us might not have the time or the budget for such an improvement project, below are a few more suggestions you might want to see and eventually, try out too.

The range of decorating or renovation will vary depending on the budget for as low as $100, perhaps even less or a significant $300, one can undertake significant renovation projects. Remember to identify project specifics make a plan detailing inclusions, specs, time and budget to see how much you need and coordinate tasks. If the project can be a DIY one, then much better because you can save more paying a contractor.

1. Clean it up

This is perhaps the most important step before ripping off or discarding any bathroom fixture. While you may have tried thorough cleaning before, it won’t hurt to try it one more time using industrial-grade cleaning products. This can be helpful especially for older homes with older bathrooms.

Years of use or misuse of cleaning materials can sometimes do some damage leaving stains or deposits to mirrors, counters, tubs and even flooring. Try doing this at least twice before dismissing if the bathroom fixtures can be salvaged or not.

2. Divide and section

Invest in a stylish and sturdy shower curtain. Pick a color that will complement the bathroom the walls and fixtures. Make sure you pick the suitable fabric for the bathroom. Most experts recommend indoor-outdoor fabrics because they attract less molds and mildew. Also consider the hardware or hanging rod for your new curtains.

For a more sophisticated and light-enhancing appeal to the shower, consider installing a glass shower door. If you have a power drill at home and familiar using it, then this DIY project might just work for you. Since the glass door is available together with railings, just be sure to take the correct measurements so you get the appropriate materials for your bathroom.

3. Face the wall

There are several ways you can decorate your bathroom walls. All you need is a little imagination, a little budget and a few hours to dress it up.

First, is by adding wallpaper. Make sure to pick a material suitable for bathrooms that can stand moisture and wetness and susceptible to molds and mildew to prevent decay.

If you prefer something more authentic than wallpapers, then go for paint. Painting in bright colors to make the bathroom appear larger or in dark tones for a more dramatic flare. Its one ultimate DIY favorite because of ease, quickness and simplicity. If you’re bold enough to make a statement then have an accent wall.

Finally, if you have more time and energy to spare make an even more remarkable statement by creating a gorgeous backsplash or glass mosaic. Since this is hard made, it’s unique and will have more character than paint or wallpaper.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget Flooring hunter

4. Cabinets and Vanities

Upgrade the looks of your cabinets by adding a fresh coat of paint and replacing old knobs and handles with more fun and trendy ones.

As for vanities and countertops, you can always resurface or replace their topside so that they appear fresh and new. There are coverings made up of different materials some composite, others wood or stone-based. Choose according to your purpose and its suitability to the environment.

If you have the resources to spare, it might be a great idea to replace old bulky cabinets with smarter and more functional storage and then repurpose the old woods.

5. Replace, Trade and Upgrade

Replacing bathroom fixtures is one of the most practical way of making it look like new. Depending on your taste, you can have matching or coordinated fixtures. Younger people might be inclined to have theirs mixed from different sets or inspiration.

To save you might want to trade in your “vintage” pieces to a more modern one. This way you save on the upgrade.

This is perhaps one of our favorites. Some cities have this programs where you can trade in old and water consuming toilets for a new one. Imagine getting a new toilet set for free? And a resource-saving one too!

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