All About Laminate Flooring New Trend! Laminate on Walls and Ceilings

All About Laminate Flooring New Trend! Laminate on Walls and Ceilings

New Trend! Laminate on Walls and Ceilings

Classen, New Trend, Laminate on Walls and Ceilings

At this year’s Domotex tradeshow, various exhibitors — first and foremost the Classen Group — showed where the laminate floor journey appears to be going in the future — along walls and ceilings.

A Classen employee summed up on the last day of the trade fair: We were able to more than confirm our status as an innovative producer of laminate floors». The various enhancements that were presented and the positive response to the Classen Group trade fair stand emphasise this statement. Another Classen employee adds: «The Classen Group will no doubt be one of the year’s climbers this year. Numerous discussions with experts on our stand have signalled this.»

One brand new topic at this year’s Domotex was the continuation of laminate flooring on walls and ceilings. This concept — resolutely thought through by the Classen Group — attracted a great deal of attention on the Classen stand. Under the name «gekko Laminate Goes Wall, the patented innovation astounded the trade audience. «We have already been able to note a lively interest in the market. The major business enterprises urgently need these kinds of innovations from the laminate sector. The Classen Group is held in high regard here time and time again as a competent business partner.»

Not least, this year’s Domotex actually did show with products like the gekko assembly system that more and more originally exclusive laminate-flooring producers are now also becoming suppliers of laminate applications. As a result of the new uses for laminate floors, additional possibilities are arising that are closely connected with the classic interior fittings sector. With systems like «gekko Laminate Goes Wall», the robust laminate joists with all their advantages become an attractive, extremely high-quality alternative to traditional wall panelling, regardless of whether they are made of paper, fabric, wood or derived timber products.

«This way, manufacturers of laminate floors and the retail market experience an increase in the number of business outlets in the laminate-flooring sector. Even if the term «floor» is no longer quite correct with these new applications.»

All About Laminate Flooring New Trend! Laminate on Walls and Ceilings

The new soft&silent — the quiet laminate, which was launched by Classen into the DIY and speciality markets in the summer of 2009, has aroused a great deal of interest. The new Airsolution technology considerably enhances walking comfort and reduces ambience by more than 50%. «After nearly six months we can say that our soft&silent laminate has been very well received. In addition to the far lower ambience, it offers a multitude of additional comfort features, such as a surface that is pleasantly warm to the feet.

The Classen product management explained the advantages of the quiet laminate flooring: «soft&silent is true comfort flooring, right up to its simple installation with our quick-laying system Classen megaloc».

Classen’s successful 30/60 collection visiogrande has been enhanced by an additional four decors. The «visiogrande Antik» stone decors reproduce the typical stones from Roman times that were also among the preferred building materials for monasteries, cathedrals or castle in the Middle Ages: Donzdorf and Maulbronn sandstone as well as Aachen bluestone and the so-called Belgian granite are timelessly beautiful stones that can still be seen even today in historic masonry. It will be particularly attractive when these antique stone decors are combined with modern furnishings or old, solid furniture.

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