What Type of Flooring is Best for a Bathroom

What Type of Flooring is Best for a Bathroom

What Type of Flooring is Best for a Bathroom

Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, knowing what type of flooring is best for a bathroom is very important. After bathroom fittings and hardware, the flooring of a bathroom is one of the most important aspects while renovating a bathroom. In this article we are going to discuss some good bathroom flooring options.

One of the most important component while renovating a bathroom is its flooring. Although there are various types of flooring options for a bathroom, you need to make sure that the bathroom flooring you choose is safe, aesthetically appealing and is low maintenance. It should also be slip and stain resistant and should be completely waterproof. Ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring has been the most popular options for bathroom flooring, but nowadays flooring options like stone and limestone are also quite the rage. Another important factor that you need to consider while selecting bathroom flooring is the price and durability.

Best Types of Flooring for a Bathroom

While selecting bathroom flooring, you should not just focus on the pattern and design of the flooring. Although flooring patterns and styles are important, you need to first focus on the attributes and advantages of a particular bathroom flooring option. Given below are some good bathroom flooring options that you can choose from.

Ceramic Tiles

A good choice in bathroom flooring is ceramic tiles. Installing ceramic tiles in bathrooms is a good choice since ceramic tiles are extremely durable, water-resistant, stain proof and scratch proof. It does not require too much upkeep and regular cleaning can make such flooring last for a long time. The best thing about ceramic tiles is that they are easy to install and are available in a wide variety of patterns and designs, shapes and sizes. This makes it easy for a homeowner to choose a pattern of ceramic tile that matches the bathroom décor. Ceramic tiles are low-cost as well and is therefore ideal for people who are renovating their bathroom on a budget.

Stone Flooring

One of the best bathroom flooring options that you can choose is to install a stone flooring. Stone flooring is durable, low maintenance and gives the bathroom a very grand and luxurious look. Although most people tend to choose stones like marble and granite for flooring, it is not a very viable option because marble is highly porous which makes it prone to staining. Moreover such stones tend to be slippery which is a matter of concern. The best stone flooring for a bathroom is maturely textured stones like slate and travertine. Many home improvement stores have textured slate tile flooring that are just right for a bathroom. Another advantage of installing stone flooring is that it gives the bathroom a very earthy and natural ambiance.

Vinyl Flooring

Another good flooring for bathrooms is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is available both in the form of sheet and tiles. They are water resistant and therefore works well for the bathroom. Vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of finishes, colors, patterns and textures. The only disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that it is a soft material and therefore prone to scratches and tearing.

Glass Tiles

A popular flooring material for a bathroom is glass tiles. Glass tiles give the bathroom a very beautiful appearance and an airy feeling that is hard to replicate with any other type of flooring. It is water resistant and stain resistant and are available in 1 or 2 inch tiles. Glass tiles are also available in a variety of designs and colors. You can also choose to have a mosaic glass tile flooring in your bathroom. Installing glass tiles is a bit tricky, so it is best left to the pros. Since glass tiles gives the bathroom an airy and spacious look, it is an ideal flooring option to choose for a small bathroom.

Concrete Flooring

A low-cost option for bathroom flooring is concrete. Concrete flooring is incredibly durable and all you need to do is to apply a proper sealant after it is installed. Many people consider concrete flooring unattractive, but by staining or painting over it, concrete can look quite good. You can even get a textured concrete flooring for your bathroom. Concrete is stain resistant, slip resistant and waterproof.

Choosing bathroom flooring from so many options might seem confusing. Select a bathroom flooring that is durable and visually attractive and which is affordable to you. Now that you know what kind of flooring is best for a bathroom, you can choose the best flooring for your home.

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