What Kind of Flooring Is Good for a Bathroom eHow

What Kind of Flooring Is Good for a Bathroom eHow


Vinyl is one of the most economical types of flooring for a bathroom. Though its longevity is a problem for the homeowner concerned with a long-term flooring solution, it is available in a myriad of colors and styles, meaning that while your bathroom may not be timeless, it will be current. Vinyl comes in both sheets and tiles, and, while both are effective, the sheeting is clearly the best water repellent.


The gold standard in bathroom flooring, porcelain and ceramic tiles offer both durability and ease of cleaning. Because you can use bleach on tile, you can also be certain that your floors are truly clean when you wash them. Typically, tile floors are mid-range in terms of flooring process, but their durability and the fact that they handle water well are key selling points for this sort of flooring.


If tile is the gold standard in bathroom flooring, then stone is the platinum. Waterproof, durable and stylish, limestone or granite and even slate give a bathroom a lovely finish. Beware of marble or polished stone because they become slippery when wet. Seal your stone floor as most stone is porous. Reseal it every three to five years, depending on the sealer manufacturer’s recommendations. You will pay more for a stone floor than any other type, but you can rest assured that the floor will probably outlive you as well.

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What Kind of Flooring Is Good for a Bathroom eHow

What Kind of Flooring Is Good for a Bathroom? What Kind of Flooring Is Good for a Bathroom. Bathrooms are susceptible to.

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